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    You Can Only Do One Of Your Coin Tricks, What Is It? (Gun to your head type of thing)

    Ok guys I just thought that it would be good to see your favourite coin tricks. This also shows us some of the great coin tricks that are out there. Imagine that you can only perform 1 trick to a spectator or audience (and obviously with coins because..... well look at the forum we are in)...
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    What are the good effects in Bobo's modern coin magic to you?

    Hey guys I was just thinking about modern coin magic by J.B.Bobo. Can you guys list some of the effects that you like in this book. I am just curious if there are any good tricks in there. Please help. Thanks.
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    Where To Find Silk Magic?

    Hey guys I Was wondering what a good source is for silk magic. Do you guys have any ideas. I think that silks have the ability to be amazing but I was looking for something good to teach me the sleights ect of silk magic. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Help with Smoke and Mirrors!

    Hey guys I have a question about smoke and mirrors and if it is somwhere I missed then sorry. Are the smoke and mirrors new edition decks limited edition or if I wait a while can I still get them or do you think they will sell out and not come back like the other additions? Please help...
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    What do you think of my Christmas order?

    Hey guys I have been thinking about making an order for christmas and was wondering what you guys tought. I am ordering it a bit early to beat the postal strike. Here is what I think I will get: Window by David Stone M5 Dvds Vol 1&2 Tarantula by Yigal Mesika Spider Spooler x2 Michael...
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    Tarantula or master levitation system

    Hey guys I was wondering which I should get between The Master Levitation System or Tarantula. Which one do you guys think I should get? Price is always an object but I will just go for the one that is better. Also are they both good or bad? Is one better than the other? Thanks.
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    theory11 - Shipping Price

    Hey guys I just have to say that theory11s shipping is pretty bad (price wise). I magine ordering a deck of cards for 4.95 well the shipping will cost 7.95 or so. I mean that is the cheapest option. I want so much things from theory11 but the shipping is just to bad. I havent ordered form...
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    Derren Brown Events: Loses 5 grand is it real...

    Hey guys I was wondering who thought that derrens loosing of £5000 was real or a way of convincing us all that what he does is real. I cant decided so was wondering what you guys thought. So what do you think? Either way it was a surprising ending.
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    White Centurions Offline...

    Hey guys I come buy t11 everyday checking for more info on these decks and now It says offline next to the white centurians what does this mean? Has this always been her and did I just not see it? Thanks guys.
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    Derren Brown - The Events : What Did You Draw...

    Hey guys I was wondering what you guys drew for Derren browns Event. I was unsure about the procces like wether or not we were ment to be drawing with guesses or trying to just go without concsious focus, so I screwed it up but was wondering what you guys drew. So what did you guys draw?
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    Derren Brown Controls The Nation - Did It Work On You?

    Hey guys I just saw derrens event were he controls the nation and was wondering if anyone who saw it here was stuck to their couch. I wasnt were you?
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    Psychological Subtleties 3 for my Dad!

    I got Psychological Subtleties 3 today. I told my dad that I was cosidering getting it and he may have to order it for me (I am only 15), this was about ten days ago. I still wasnt sure if I was going to get it. Two days after that I asked him to order it for me and to my surprise he said he...
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    The Wire

    Hey guys I just noticed that there is nothing on the wire I know that it probably wont ever be done but was wondering if anyone from theory11 could shed some light on what it was ment to be when they put it up?
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    Will I Ever Find The Magic I Want....

    Hey guys I was wondering if you can make any recommendations for psychological magic or mentalism. I have psychological subtleties 1 and 2 also derren brown pure effect and tricks of the mind. But I cant seem to get my hands on any other psychological items can you guys make some recommendations...
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    Psychological Subtleties 3 Question?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew wether or not psychological subleties 3 will be closer to psychological subleties 1 or 2. I really liked 1 so I was hoping that number 3 would be like it where as I didnt like 2 because it mainly was just tricks with a psychological presentation.:( So I...
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    Bicycle Limited Edition Series Continuing?

    Hey guys i was wondering if Bicycle are going to continue their limited edition series as the only one that has been out is number one and this one has been out for a while with no signs of any other ones coming out .:( Do you guys know if bicycle will continue this series? I tried this thread...
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    Will theory11 decks be back? Centurions + Smoke&Mirrors

    :confused:Hey guys I am not used to theory 11 but I was wondering when there will be some new centurians white and black and some smoke and mirrors. Can I expect them to come back if so when I dont want to miss them.:confused:
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    Wynn Deck Release Time Unfair?

    sorry guys at t11 but I think that it is a little unfair that the wynn decks are being released so late 11est is 4am over here I wont be able to order any and I missed the release last time. All of us here around Ireland ,Spain, Britain or wherever have to wait til 4am and some of us cant do...
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    T11 Christmas Contest?

    Hey guys I dont want to sound greedy but I was wondering will T11 be releasing a christmas contest. I was only wondering because If T11 was going to start a christmas contest you would pobably have to buy something and then I would buy things from T11 then instead of now. So are you guys...
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    Did You Get Witness Within The First Hour?

    Hey guys I was wondering who bought witness within the first hour of its release. It dosent matter if you got the download or the dvd. I didnt get it within the first hour it was out. So what about you. Just vote.
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