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    My battle video

    This is the second time that I have to open such a thread. First of all....jonny,where is ur video??????????? However, what do u guys think about my performance: -peter Edit: How can I edit the topic name? grml.... Edit...
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    Flourish Battle

    Who is up for an uncut flourish battle? (30 sec- 1min) -peter
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    My 2nd battle-video

    Ahhh, what a pity! TJ, where is your video:confused: Nevertheless, what du u guys think about my submission -Peter
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    Dan&Dave Trick-Variation: Ready to vote
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    DanandDave - Variations

    This is hopfully my first battle. I'm not quite sure how the whole system go easy on me:) The idea is to make a video with your own variations of DanandDave Flourishes. Rules: The video should be no longer than 1 minute and... of course...uncut. Whos up for this one...
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