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  1. jazzhands1

    Lapping - stage magic substitute?

    Hi. I'm planning to perform a trick where I produce two large objects from a smaller container. However, it turns out that the trick calls for lapping these objects, and I'll be doing the trick on a stage. The two objects will be about the size of a grapefruit each. I'll need to hide them...
  2. jazzhands1

    Lepaul Spread Performance

    Hi, Please let me know what you think of my in-progress Lepaul spread. Feel free to drop me a comment on the Youtube page as well. Lepaul Spread Performance Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks! Jazz
  3. jazzhands1

    Card flourishes first published?

    Does anyone know when and where card flourishes first appeared in print? I've already tried searching on the 'Net. I vaguely remember that one thread mentioned the card fan first being published in somewhere but I couldn't find that thread. Thanks.
  4. jazzhands1

    Total Coincidence (Tamariz) or Coincidental (Scott Guinn)?

    I've been trying to decide which of these 2 tricks is better in general: I recently learned Juan Tamariz's 2 deck routine Total Coincidence. It's one of my favorite card effects. 2 decks is kind of inconvenient so Scott Guinn adapted this routine to using only 1 deck, which he called...
  5. jazzhands1

    Flower fan trouble doesn't seem like my thumb is large enough to support all the cards in a flower fan. I'm having trouble springing the rest of the cards as well...after a few cards I get 'stuck'. Do I need more finger strength or something?
  6. jazzhands1

    Top Shot practice?

    Ok. How should you practice the L. Green Top Shot move? I can get the 'shot' part fine about 7-10 times, but it either flies too far, or bounces off my catching hand. Also, I have trouble controlling where it goes. So what I was wondering, does anyone know how to practice this move, how...
  7. jazzhands1

    Need to find a color change... I'm working on a Tivo variation where the card goes face up in the center instead of face down. Thus both would have to change at the same time. For the color change(s), though, I'm kind of stuck. I was considering a Carolina Click Change + Ego change but that would require dups, which...
  8. jazzhands1

    Is this 'incorrect' in flourishing?

    Hi, So my question for you is: if you add packets, use different fingerings, or vary copyrighted flourishes such as J5, does this make it 'incorrect'? If you vary it up even the sleightest (such as doing a different flare in Sybilism, or adding a couple packets in Leno), is it not the original...
  9. jazzhands1

    In the hands pyramid cut?

    Hi, Where can I find how to do the in-hands pyramid cut? It's in a Handlordz vid round 6 on and I believe it was done by Ciappi as well. It'd be great if someone could help me on this.
  10. jazzhands1

    XCM Videos

    How do you know when you're ready to make a video? Just wondering. (for future reference.) Is it when you have enough skillage? How good should you be? Thanks. Jazz
  11. jazzhands1

    Name of this flourish?

    Hi, What's the name of this flourish: Flourisher makes a giant card fan. COMPLETELY strips out other half cleanly and quickly. He has half of the deck in his right hand (right handed) and a perfect fan in his left hand. Do you know the name of this flourish? Would it be possible to learn?
  12. jazzhands1

    Angle Zero - problems with first part.

    (I'll keep this short) So, I'm having a little problem with Angle Zero. Unfortunately the spectators always ask to see the card before and after. I was wondering how you could avoid this, as (if you know the trick) you can't exactly show the card completely. Does anyone have some good...
  13. jazzhands1

    Le Paul Spread shape...

    Ok. as some of you probably know I asked about the lepaul spread before, and it's starting to improve. My question is: how does one shape a U lepaul spread? My U lepaul spreads don't have the right shape IMO. Does anyone have any tips for "aiming" your lepaul? (2 pic of my current lepaul...
  14. jazzhands1

    What are these color changes?

    Does anyone know where I can learn the card changes in this video? I think they look really cool although I haven't had any luck in finding about them.
  15. jazzhands1

    Ping pong ball magic?

    Hey, I was wondering if there are any good magic tricks out there involving ping pong balls (I play ping pong fairly often). There's the tenkai palm vanish, but I can't think of anything else. Any thoughts?
  16. jazzhands1

    Bone's Anaconda Dribble

    I've been working on the Anaconda dribble, and I can now do it 2 to 2.5 feet high. I was wondering if some people could give me some help with this, though. So first of all, how high should it be before it can be considered the Anaconda Dribble? Also, in your opinion does it look better with...
  17. jazzhands1

    Ok... packet splitting...

    What's the best way to quickly and accurately split packets in two handed cuts? For example, I've been practicing Jackson Five by the buck brothers, and I was wondering whether it's better to get used to splitting packets with the tips of the fingers, or whether it's better to split the packets...
  18. jazzhands1

    Geek Magic... Definition?

    A question that's been on my mind lately: What's the definition of "Geek Magic?" in other words, what makes this kind of magic geeky? Is it because only geeks perform it or something?
  19. jazzhands1

    Hardest Flourish?

    What do you consider to be the hardest flourish? (you don't already have to know it ;-D) I consider the Lepaul spread to be one of the hardest, just because it's so hard to get down an even spread and to learn to riffle cards off one by one. (flaming time...i think?)
  20. jazzhands1

    LePaul Spread Questions

    Hi fellow flourishers, I'm currently working on the LePaul spread and a few questions came to mind: 1. How fast should you "spring" the cards off your left hand fingers? 2. When practicing springing cards one by one, should you practice with the thumb on top of the left hand packet, or...
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