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  1. ayli

    Looking for a move

    Here's the situation: I have two cards in my left hand one on top of the other - both are face UP. I need to reverse the bottom card so that it is back to back with the top card. Basically what I'm asking is: Is there such a thing as a deceptive half pass with two cards? TIA, Uriel Nashofer
  2. ayli

    Forced Transpo

    A transpo routine I came up with. As a side note, my sister was absolutely freaking out after she stopped recording.
  3. ayli

    A College Level Sandwich

    A sandwich routine that I came up with. Tell me what you think...
  4. ayli

    Tricks to Teach First Graders?

    I teach magic during the summer to kids in a day camp. I clearly stated before the summer that I can not teach any kids younger than 2nd grade, but somehow they forgot about that and I have on my schedule 5 groups (sizes ranging from 10-25 kids) of first graders that I need to teach (each group...
  5. ayli

    Humid Weather = Sweaty Hands

    I live in NJ, and we have been having rain NON-STOP for like the past 2 weeks. Well, the humidity is really building up, and my hands are sweating up a storm (pun intended). As a result, I can basically only do coin magic or use plastic coated cards (Arccos). Any deck I touch is basically down...
  6. ayli

    Enough With the Jumbo Coin Endings!

    I never liked the idea of always ending a one coin routine with a jumbo coin. It just isn't very "logical", and is sort of never ending. So here is my take on an ending for one coin routines. This can be used a logical ending, or a sucker type effect; all depends on how you present it. Let me...
  7. ayli

    The World's 3 Greatest Coin Trick - UPDATED

    Here's the updated version of my original three coin trick. I have been working on it for a while. I love performing this. Tell me what you think.
  8. ayli

    The Ultimate Retention Vanish Practice Session

    What do magician do when they get bored? Practice vanishes with several coins, that's what. Tell me what you think...
  9. ayli

    3 1/2 fly

    Here's my version of 3 FLY, I call it 3 1/2 FLY. Can you figure out why? (if you do, don't spoil it) Tell me what you think...
  10. ayli

    DL Trick Battle Open for Voting!

    Hey guys, There's a battle going on between myself and Kidex. I'd really appreciate if you'd head over there and vote. As always, comments are welcome.
  11. ayli

    Fanning Powder On Plastic Coated Cards?

    Is there a point in putting fanning powder on plastic coated cards (ie: Arrco's)? Will it help at all, or do nothing? Thanks.
  12. ayli

    Twilight Angels, But with COINS! A Must Watch!

    Super Clean Twilight! A Must Watch! When I saw this video, it totally floored me. You must watch it right now. Stop everything you are doing and click the link. You'll thank me afterwards. THIS IS NOT ME
  13. ayli

    How I Time Travel

    My way of doing Steve Freeman's Time Machine effect.
  14. ayli

    $250 Deck of Bicycle Rider Back's

    I saw this listing on Amazon, and I thought some of you would get a kick out of it.
  15. ayli

    Which Apocalypse?

    Not sure if this is the right section, if it isn't then Mods feel free to move it: I'm probably going to go to a boarding school next year where I won't have access to a computer/Internet. So, I'm gonna bring along BOBO, Expert Card Technique, and Erdnase which should take me a while to...
  16. ayli

    Live Battle Open for Voting

    Battle between myself and Eclipse14000. Please vote and comment!
  17. ayli

    Looking for half a Kennedy Half Dollar?

    My friend showed me an interesting coin gaff recently. Basically it's a Kennedy half that was cut in two in a straight line and you get one of the halves. It comes with public transit and Rev. Coin Magic 2.0 (by Sankey) as a free extra trick called "half a coin trick". Anybody know where I...
  18. ayli

    Dual Climax or Only One?

    I came up with an effect that has two variations, either with a single climax or two climaxes. I'm not sure if two climaxes would be over doing it. The trick would be done with two spectators or an audience divided. The effect goes as follows: A card is chosen from a shuffled deck. One...
  19. ayli

    Cups and Balls Battle

    Anyone up for a cups and balls battle? And I'm not talking about the routine that comes with your plastic cups. I'm talking about a full routine, loads and all. Rules: 1. NOT the routine that comes with your plastic cups. A full routine, loads and all. 2. Longer than two minutes. 3. No...
  20. ayli

    Fake Bees Look Real

    New fraud Bees have real box and seal. Check the video:
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