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  1. Pavan R

    No cards or coins

    I rarely come on this site anymore, but if I do its because I need help from people who I think have decent experience in magic What tricks do you guys do on a regular basis that requires neither cards nor coins? An example could be Universal Impression. No cards. No coins. If you have...
  2. Pavan R

    CoinOne by Homer Liwag

    I buy magic once..maybe twice a year. However, when I do buy it I buy a lot. Since I just bought a fair amount of tricks, I will be putting up a fair amount of reviews. I put up my Tarantula review, here is my CoinOne review. More reviews will be coming later. CoinOne by Homer Liwag...
  3. Pavan R

    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika

    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika Keep in mind I’m a harsh grader. I grade tough and look for perfection. I AM VERY HARSH. In case you have not seen it here is a youtube link: Yigal Mesika begins with performances of the tricks you can do with the...
  4. Pavan R

    Confused about Shipping

    On December 24th 9:09 pm Eastern Time in the US, I ordered Digital Dissolve with standard shipping (4-7 days). I think I missed something about shipping during the holidays because I am somewhat confused. I got my order receipt on the 24th itself. Then, on the 30th, I got an email with a...
  5. Pavan R

    Checking for the Originality of an Effect

    Is there any kind of magical search engine which can help me figure out if a trick has already been created? (Not Google, Yahoo, MSN) I have an effect which I have created and polished for some time, but I really want to make sure that no one else has done something like this yet. I've...
  6. Pavan R

    Reggie Wayne Walking on Water

    How do you walk on water? Go buy Reebok Hexride sneakers :) Much faster and more visual than Criss Angel I must say. Haha I'm just kidding. Yeah I know it's a commercial but I just thought I'd post this here because it kind of...
  7. Pavan R

    This Saturday - CK Birthday?

    So according to my Facebook Calendar, (which could be wrong), this Saturday is Chris Kenner's birthday. Will there be any special surprises this Saturday for his birthday? Take your guesses, as in the SNC?
  8. Pavan R


    I searched the Product Review Section and I didn't find one so I just thought I would make this thread. It is like a thumb tip but for your fingers and palm? Just wondering if...
  9. Pavan R

    Wounded and Control

    This might have been done before but I have an idea. I was on Youtube and these idea just hit me when I saw these two tricks next to each other on the Related Videos column. I have Control by Wayne Houchin but I do not own the Wounded DVD by Robert Smith. My question is, is there any way...
  10. Pavan R

    Magic of Japan

    I used the searching thing to look for a thread like this, but I only found threads about New Magic of Japan and 5x5 Japan. This is just Magic of Japan. Its by Charles Hsu (I think), and all the tricks are pretty good. The second trick right after...
  11. Pavan R

    Which is Better?

    Hey T11, I know you guys don't exactly love these threads, but here is my question. I have some money and I wanted to know which order would be better Should I get... 1) Burn by Daniel Madison 2) Digital Dissolve taught by Dan White 3) Surfaced on the Dan and Dave site (releases...
  12. Pavan R

    Recuperating When Tricks Go Wrong

    Last night I was doing some magic at a family reunion and I decided to perform Derren Brown's Smoke to my uncle. Here is a link to it if any of you do not know: Anyway, everything was going well until I thought of his card. As soon as I said his...
  13. Pavan R

    Trick Improvisations

    Although several good tricks have been released to the public, most of us have probably done something to the trick to make it better or suit ourselves better. I was just wondering, how you all have improvised tricks with your presentational skills or by adding in new sleights or ideas to...
  14. Pavan R

    Which Tricks?

    So tomorrow, I am going to a friend's surprise birthday party and I usually do tricks at parties. However, I wanted to get some opinions on what tricks I should do at the party tomorrow? I am mostly card oriented and I would like to know what card tricks have gotten you the best reactions...
  15. Pavan R

    Amazing Shrinking Deck By John Kennedy Questions: How does he do that!? No I'm just kidding. But, is it worth the $29.95? Is it easy to do? Is it easy to get caught? Do you end clean? Can you continue on a routine? Thanks guys. Also, what is the change at 27?
  16. Pavan R

    3 Fry

    3 fly Questions: Is it the same as 3 fRy? Is it pure sleight of hand, or is their a necessary gimmick? If it is by pure sleight of hand, can it be done with borrowed coins.
  17. Pavan R

    Problem at School

    Hey guys, something happened to me at school today so I thought I would share it. Just some background knowledge, I am a freshman at high school and have been doing magic for a couple years. Today, I was performing 5 speed (love it) for a friend when all of a sudden this junior comes out of...
  18. Pavan R

    Help with what to Buy

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new on the forums. I've had an account but haven't posted much until very recently. I just got $100 to spend and I'm thinking of spending it all at T11 t I was wondering which tricks i should buy. I've already told a friend I would buy him a Split Spades Lions deck...
  19. Pavan R

    Help With an Original Effect, Please

    I am somewhat new to this forum and I was wondering if you all could help me with one of my own creations branched off of a famous trick by Sean Beard. Here is the Effect: The spectator picks a card and signs it with their signature. They then shuffle the deck however they please and hand the...
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