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    If the ultimate goal of the magician is to enjoy creating an experience and change peoples lives for the better, then there can be nothing else. I believe that the only way to become better is to dedicate your entire life to your passion. At the end of the month I am going to leave my home and...
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    Sleight or simple?

    Obviously learning new moves and new methods increase the possibilities in your magic, but do they limit you psychologically? When I first started in magic I learned several controls. I also got a marked deck. The deck obviously allowed me to acheive what several moves did. But i started...
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    Calling on Team Awesome

    I need some help with an effect. Here is my basic idea. The contents of two sealed soda cans switch. Dr.pepper is in a seven up and seven up in a dr.pepper. Ideas?
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    The Advocate

    This just from the description on Daniel Madison's site sounds so badass. Does anyone know if it will be released for sale. or just one of those gems that only a few will get.
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    Self Created Geek Magic

    Perform any geek magic trick that you created yourself. No variations of already existing geek magic. The sickest wins.
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    Dangerous Flourish Battle

    Dangerous Flourish Battle anyone? Rules 1. Perform any one flourish from the Dangerous dvd. 2. best performance wins. anyone, anyone, anyone?
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    Arkansas Magicians?

    I'm from arkansas and the only other magicians I know are antiqued. Thats not really fair to say they are just kinda of traditional. Any not experienced arkansas magicians here? Because I'm all by Myself.
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    Tolerance - by Logan Brown

    This is a trick by Logan he thought of a while back. He told me it was a different method than saw or needle through arm but i'm not completely sure it really is. Is it real or is it fake? But anyway he asked me to put it up so here it is.
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