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  1. Shakutau

    "A Challenge for Advanced Magicians"

    Good day people. I was surfing around in the Magic Cafe and found a very refreshing, provocative topic posted by someone named "Zion", addressing to the core the mindset of those who wish to advance in Magic - whether you are starting out, going forward or polishing your legends. If you...
  2. Shakutau


    You must aim to be a Symbol. Aim to be Mystery and Magic itself. And to attain this height means the highest of Standards and highest of Mindsets, nurtured through the workings of your daily life, presented wholesomely on boundless platforms when time calls. The reaction immediately given after...
  3. Shakutau

    Laying down the Blade.

    To my Friends, my Supporters, my Teachers, my Mentors, my Influences. I have something i must speak to you all about today. Its been a while since i've been on the forums, i am not a character known to most of you - theres so many of us here, how could the attention be grabbed just by me? Now...
  4. Shakutau

    Miracles of Suggestion - Kenton Knepper

    Hey guys, i just want to hear from anyone who has ever read the book, what are the stuff this teaches you? Is it worth the buy? Thanks.
  5. Shakutau

    Using full stacked decks

    Hopefully there are people here who uses stacked decks in their performances. What i want to learn is, what are the things which can be done with them? How practical are they during performance? Would one be able to do something like strolling with it as opposed to a table show? Thanks a lot...
  6. Shakutau


    Hey everybody, today me and mental when out to perform again, got recorded doing two favourate effects. Just want to share it with you, hope you enjoy watching. As always, any comments for improvements are most welcome. Kthxbai. (Lapse)...
  7. Shakutau

    REVIEW: Diagonal Palm Shift (1-on-1)

    Hey dudes, SK here. I almost forgot today that there was a new 1-on-1 released (around Saturday in the UK), and i noticed this Diagonal Palm Shift, taught by Jason England, been hearing a lot of good things of Jason's previous 1-on-1's but i didn't get any of them because it didnt fit my sleight...
  8. Shakutau

    Secretly turning top card

    Hey people, me again. I just want to know, if i was to secretly turn a card over (maybe to load a selected card on top and continue with turning it over posing as one), what methods are there besides turning it over with the side of the leg is there? Thanks.
  9. Shakutau


    Hello people, been noming on your cheeseburgars? I was just curious for the ones who bought Colleteral and do actually perform Overkill, what patter do you use for this effect? I mean patter that you guys came up with that suits yourself and not DM, if you know what i mean. This could also be...
  10. Shakutau

    HMV Live Performance

    Alright the last time i posted a video of me performing, i learnt that it was terrible, i took into consideration of what was told, this time i added patter, and i just want to know whether this time i improved or not? Comments most welcome, i do...
  11. Shakutau

    Live perfomances

    Yo people, good day to you all. I had a good day if i do say so myself. Since its friday today and i love fridays, i filmed me and my friend doing some live perfomances, just wanted to share it with you guys. Comments for improvements are most welcome...
  12. Shakutau

    "Back In Time" Performance.

    It was hometime. Kids were out. They like seeing us perform before they head home. So we were filming some performances for future use, it was my friend's turn and he chose to perform Back In Time, soley because he loves the Turnover Pass. So he's been practicing that a lot, and loves this...
  13. Shakutau

    Advancing. Experience.

    Anyhow people, its....i dont know what day it is right now, all i know is i have work tomoz. I have a question about experience in performing and advancing in what you do. Because this is what i do. I have read from people that performing voluntarily is also a great way to advance in...
  14. Shakutau

    Comments needed for improvement

    A friend was messing with my Cam and got me doing the Ego Change. I was playing around with ways of covering the card; normally i would have to cover the card with my whole hand (i have small hands) to change, sometimes i jus open rub and open my palm like a spiderweb then it changes, this time...
  15. Shakutau

    Anybody here own Five Card Stud?

    Dear members, or even Lee, can someone with this product help me out on a lil something? I will go by PMs if anybody is willing to help. Keepin it real. Thanks.
  16. Shakutau

    Chances to Perform

    Hello people. Good day. I was jus wondering, do all of you get to go out to perform daily? Or is it a rare chance until you do? If you get to perform, how long is your performing session?
  17. Shakutau

    One Eighty (from Daniel Madisons One notes)

    So basically, if anyone knows this routine, you know it will take many times to get right. Basically this trick is a mind trick with the card, which you try to suggest it to the spectator without them seeing it first hand. D+M pointed the Four of Clubs has 80% chances, i suceeded once today, and...
  18. Shakutau

    Biddle trick reveal with blank suggestion

    Okay, so i had a thought of another variation of the Biddle trick, mainly with revealing the card packet. Before when i used to reveal, i used to do some kinda "im going to throw your card back into the deck" with a bending motion like a bow and arrow. Then i thought about letting everything...
  19. Shakutau

    Yo! Thank you too!

    Chou na dudes. This is my first post, been lurking around here long enough, needa keep it real. Everyone well? Basically i have a few questions, and i hope i dont get flammed for asking questions on the first post, anyhow. I've recently watched "Thoughts on Working" by Joel, and jus wanted...
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