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  1. Zac Eckstein

    Any Volunteers?

    Hey, you may know I am trying to get a website together. The problem is I have no clue what I am doing on a technical aspect haha. Anyone want to volunteer to help me make a nice website? My technical abilities are crap and I don't want to reflect that. Help. Please. Someone. Thanks, - Zac
  2. Zac Eckstein

    Website Re-Constructed

    I re-did my website somewhat. There are a few things I will stand firm on though. Some things I won't change. I WILL KEEP THE DESIGN I WILL KEEP THE FORMAT Some things I have changed thanks to everyone. I HAVE RAISED MY PRICES CONSIDERABLY MY PRICES AREN'T LISTED ON THE SITE...
  3. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Hey y'all! I made a video similar to this a looooong time ago, but I thought I would post this since I have switched to youtube for good. This is gonna be the video I refer people to every time I get emails or things like that asking me about why I do magic, how I got started, etc...
  4. Zac Eckstein


    If our product is denied on the wire will we find out or will it be a mystery lol? Like an email or something?
  5. Zac Eckstein

    French Kiss LIVE

    Hey y'all, I got a new performance video for you guys! Wayne Houchin's French Kiss. The 2 in the video were performed at Rivercenter mall in San Antonio. Take a look-see! Thanks, -Zac
  6. Zac Eckstein

    "Ba-Looney!!!" Multiple Live Performances Video! check it out!!! -Zac
  7. Zac Eckstein

    "Vanish" By: Joseph Downer

    Review for “Vanish” By: Joseph Downer Written By: Zac Eckstein (Z-MAGIC) Here is the concept, ANY THOUGHT OF card vanishes from the deck. The End. The presentation behind this is actually pretty phenomenal and is sure to pull on the heart strings of your audience. You tell a story about how...
  8. Zac Eckstein

    Here is a full Performance!

    Since I have a plethora of my filmed performances, I have decided to put them on youtube. This is the first of many! The Big Tiny Thanks, - Zac
  9. Zac Eckstein

    My new video!

    It's theme is based loosely on ESPN's 30 for 30 Tim Richmond: To The Limit. That's what inspired me to make it. have fun! -Zac
  10. Zac Eckstein

    Fixed Up a magic table...

  11. Zac Eckstein

    Critique Website Please

    Hey everyone, made my new website for the 2011 year! I was wondering if you all could explore and critique the site for me. Thanks, - Zac
  12. Zac Eckstein

    Dear Stage Magicians...

    I am having one hell of a time finding a finale for my show. I mean, there is a lot of good stuff out there. But nothing that is exactly a finale. I was wanting to are your finales? I am not stealing your stuff, just food for though.
  13. Zac Eckstein

    Just being a show-off haha

    First article about me and magic, I am really proud of it. If any of you are interested here ya go.
  14. Zac Eckstein

    "I'm Outta Here 2010!!!"

    My last video of the year. Basically like a video scrap book of the fun I had, reactions, and my favorite events I did. Welp, there ya go! "I'm Outta Here 2010!!!" (Last Z-MAGIC video of the year)
  15. Zac Eckstein

    Made a Pumpkin!

    I made a "Z-MAGIC" Pumpkin today. Just thought I'd show it off lol jk. Here ya go.!/album.php?aid=2089959&id=1169864844
  16. Zac Eckstein

    "Punched in 'Z' Face!"

    I got bored and made a short video. It's called "Punched in 'Z' Face" lol (Kinda like a french accent, but it works because I am "Z"-Magic haha)..... I like stupid things.... Anyways, it's about 1 min. showcases my new logo, and its pimpin' ha. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Throw 'em at me...
  17. Zac Eckstein

    Everything is nice but....

    The Wire? I like the new site, but the wire is not going to happen is it.
  18. Zac Eckstein

    My Promotional DVD

    It's 5 min. long. It has 3 parts to it. It's for potential clients, at the moment to be more specific, restaurant clients. What do y'all think? - Zac
  19. Zac Eckstein

    What are y'all up to lately?

    Just curious what's going on with y'all lately, magic wise. Like I am getting a job doing magic outside a restaurant while people wait to be seated on busy nights. Doing that will help me pay for my stage show I want to tour colleges with in a year or 2. Also I worked on a failed You tube series...
  20. Zac Eckstein

    What would you do?

    If you could have any 5 things about magic, what would the products be?
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