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  1. matthewwhitt2

    The Wheel: Week #4!

    I'm so jealous. As a huge card and movie memorabilia collector I really REALLY wanted that NYSM2 card :( Congrats on your win... Let me know if you wanted to trade anything for it or sell it :p
  2. matthewwhitt2

    Go to Magic Trick

    Double Exposure by Asi Wind!
  3. matthewwhitt2

    David Blaine Promotional Deck?

    I did find this:
  4. matthewwhitt2

    David Blaine Promotional Deck?

    I've been told that there exist a deck of cards that was used to promote Blaine's first TV special "Fearless". They supposedly are impossible to find because ABC had them made but Blaine thought they looked like crap and had all he could get destroyed. The backs of the cards look just like how...
  5. matthewwhitt2

    Collector's Deck Guide

    eBay... Playing cards are subjective to what people are willing to pay. It's similar to art and probably one the only true capitalist selling items around. Your best bet is to just search around and see what other people are willing to pay and decide for yourself.
  6. matthewwhitt2

    Penguin Magic Marked Cards

    Well if you buy them, just a heads up... They are crap. Should have only put the marking in 2 out of the 6 spots. I have a brick that I will never use. probably just sell them on eBay or give to people at conventions.
  7. matthewwhitt2

    Penguin Magic Marked Cards

    Don't waste your money. The marking it far too obvious and in too many spots. Your spectator will see it easily and if they see marked cards they will assume you always use marking. This deck is pretty much crap in my opinion.
  8. matthewwhitt2

    Neil Patrick Harris.

    [Removed for spoilers.]
  9. matthewwhitt2

    About the Black Lions Seconds

    Buy them. They are the same as all his others except with the missed aligned king of diamonds. Thing about this "seconds" deck is that it is not a seconds deck at all. Madison actually had that card designed specifically that way but after they were made Blaine didn't like it and is selling it...
  10. matthewwhitt2

    Dvs/The Seer by Mark Calabrese gimmick alternative?

    If you guys get his At the Table lecture he tips what his gimmick is and you can buy refills for like $1
  11. matthewwhitt2

    Is anyone close to this record?

    I have about 750
  12. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - Luck of the Irish

    1) Heads 2) Heads 3) Heads 4) Heads 5) Tails 6) Tails 7) Heads 8) Tails 9) Heads 10) Heads 11) Tails
  13. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Rarest Deck
  14. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - JAQK Prediction

    King of diamonds and four of spades
  15. matthewwhitt2

    Cool Kickstarter deck for a good cause

    I did the research. If I want quality with 100% custom front, back, and tuck box the best option is to go with their minimum 2,500 deck order. I appreciate the suggestion, but I crunched the numbers over the past 2 years and this is the best way to go for the best quality/price using bicycle logo.
  16. matthewwhitt2

    Cool Kickstarter deck for a good cause

    Here's the tricky thing. Kickstarter is very against having someone do a project to raise money or to give products to charity. Because of that I can't say the truth that 100% of any profit will go to Let Them LOL. $8,500 doesn't cover the cost ($9,500 will). If only the goal is reached and I...
  17. matthewwhitt2

    Cool Kickstarter deck for a good cause

    First off, let me know if mentioning a new deck on Kickstarter is against the forum rules. I know you don't want people mentioning things for sale on ebay and such so I apologize if you don't like this post. With that being said, this is an awesome deck of cards that, if funded, will also help...
  18. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Card Collection!

    This is my 600+ collection of playing cards... As you can see, I could use something to display them with :/
  19. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card one: 3 of diamonds Card two: ace of spades Card one: 4 of spades Card two: 3 of clubs
  20. matthewwhitt2

    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    My biggest accomplishment this year was being able to get design work finished for a deck of cards I am creating. I hope to be able to raise a lot of money for a charity I like by selling this deck. Still a little work to do, but I love how far I've gotten in this past year! In the year...
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