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  1. FreshGodXD

    Saturday Night Contest - Dimitri Arleri Roundtable

    1. Bon Dimi quand est-ce qu'on fait un meet-up sur Paris ? 2. J'espère que tu va abandonner tes decks pourris :P 3. Apéro ?
  2. FreshGodXD

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Green!

    obviously it's the 6 of hearts
  3. FreshGodXD

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    where do you think you are in the whole flourishing community ?
  4. FreshGodXD

    Saturday Night Roundtable :: Calen Morelli

    What is your best source of inspiration ? Do you have awesome ideas popping in your head every day or do you try focusing on a special feature for the effect ?
  5. FreshGodXD

    Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

    Here is pandora :
  6. FreshGodXD

    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

    This is the picture i would like to submit for the split spades contest. Hope you all like it.
  7. FreshGodXD

    Half vanish

    you can misdirect them, make them looking at the card which is on the table.
  8. FreshGodXD

    Dangerous Or Trilogy?

    i have Dangerous and the Trilogy. The Trilogy tricks are more 'flourishy' , you got a nice part 'Flourish101' if you're a beginner and you got a nice Everythingelse part with productions and table work. It depends on what you want, your style and both requires lot of work.
  9. FreshGodXD


    the ginastaire double looks like a pirouette :) however if you're using old cards i think it will be easier
  10. FreshGodXD

    Amazing Coin Vanish

    this coin vanish looks good but can we do it surrounded ?
  11. FreshGodXD

    Molecule 2 - 1 Card Production Question

    I think it is more impressive to catch the card into the middle of the deck. Moreover the card is face up, so after the flourish you have finished
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