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  1. The Wordsmith

    Gaffed Poker Dice (UK)

    I'll almost certainly give his method a shot. I was just wondering if you (or anyone else) have tried it before? In my experience, ovens can be tricky blighters, and what works in one doesn't always work in others. =P
  2. The Wordsmith

    Gaffed Poker Dice (UK)

    Do you know where I can find it? I looked on his website, but nothing jumped out...
  3. The Wordsmith

    Gaffed Poker Dice (UK)

    Does anyone know where I can get gaffed casino-style dice in the UK? The only place I have found that seems to do good gaffed dice is "" but they're not casino dice. I need the sharp edges. Alternatively, does anyone know of any effective ways of gaffing dice, that doesn't...
  4. The Wordsmith

    Dice Control

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere one can purchase a book or DVD which teaches Dice control. I'm not talking about Dice stacking, but methods of throwing dice so that the magician can control the outcome. Could be used in a gambling expose or some such. Let me know Thanks
  5. The Wordsmith

    Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians by Eddie Fechter

    I have been looking for this book for some time, and have only found one place to be selling it. I live in the UK, and was hoping to get it a little more locally. DICE HOLDOUT METHODS FOR MAGICIANS-----------------$15.00 Eddie Fechter’s dice holdout work described by Jerry Mentzer. 64 pgs...
  6. The Wordsmith

    Electric Touch #3

    This is the third thread that I know of now, with the title of Electric Touch. I have looked for answers on other threads, but drawn a blank. I have a couple of questions about this for those of you in the know. 1. If the magician has it switched on/active, can he/she pick up an ordinary...
  7. The Wordsmith

    Incredible Prediction

    ...One of these shows took place a few days before the final of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. John wrote a prediction (sight unseen of the audience) and sealed it inside a padded envelope. He then asked a spectator in the audience to sign the envelope several times (no stooges - it...
  8. The Wordsmith

    Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity

    In fact having now read this book I have decided to take the advice therein. "Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether." Coupled with something Derren Brown mentions in Pure Effect, it seems to me that the obvious solution is... obvious. I will be leaving Theory11.
  9. The Wordsmith

    Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity

    Just got this book on Amazon, on your recommendation... Thanks =D
  10. The Wordsmith

    Your magic plans for the summer?

    Planning to get on to a load of different restaurants, hotels and other venues as soon as the holidays are in, so that I can arrange to meet up at times that are convenient to future employers ;) Look out world. I'm coming...
  11. The Wordsmith

    How many decks do you have?

    I've been into magic for just over three years now (I think) and I started out with a couple of nasty bridge decks. I am, therefore, in a position to say that I can, in fact, feel the difference between those and a bicycle deck. I have only ever gone shopping for cards twice (thrice if you...
  12. The Wordsmith

    Ignore Everybody and 39 other Keys to Creativity

    I'm definitely going to be looking into this myself...
  13. The Wordsmith

    Stealing Effects

    I would say that if two people invent a single move completely independently of one another, then they should ideally collaborate and sell it together and split the profits. However, the likelihood is that one of them will have come up with it first and/or published it first, in which case I...
  14. The Wordsmith

    What motivates your choices in magic?

    Anyway - back to your original question: personally my choices in magic were first controlled by my own ability because that was the main thing that was limiting me. When I got better I found it to be my own inability to see past a trick that someone else had devised and see the principle behind...
  15. The Wordsmith

    Criss Angel / Twilight

    Hey lucky for you, Wallmott, the internet was invented; otherwise you'd have to sit at home and argue with yourself...
  16. The Wordsmith

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I haven't read the whole thread so this may have already been suggested, but would it be possible to make it easier for people to enter who live in different countries? Only it is a bit exclusive at the moment. Perhaps have one that's on another night of the week, but so that it falls in the...
  17. The Wordsmith

    It's Our Fault Criss Angel Is Famous

    Personally I loved Evening of Wonders, and when it is released on TV (in the next 6 months, I would guess) you will LOVE the ending to ENIGMA. I also really like a lot fo the stuff in the mind control and trick of the mind series'
  18. The Wordsmith

    It's Our Fault Criss Angel Is Famous

    I agree with achuthan. It's as though Criss Angel tries to make us believe that he is some sort of God-like figure. That is his persona but it's just not believable. Derren Brown, however, comes across as very human and gives some explanation for how he does it (even if he is lying...)
  19. The Wordsmith

    What exactly makes someone a magician?

    That link led me to a strange video that seemed to loop for about 7 minutes and was not very interesting. What the hell was that? Anyway, I agree with theatrehead's first post.
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