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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. ZackF

    Holiday Contest 2021 - Share What You Won!

    Day 1: No Reward Day 2: No Reward Day 3: No Reward Day 4: 50 Points Day 5: No Reward Day 6: No Reward
  2. ZackF

    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss!

    Tails Heads Heads Heads Heads Tails
  3. ZackF

    Saturday Night Contest - 4th of July!

    4 of Hearts Queen of Clubs 8 of Spades 10 of Hearts
  4. ZackF

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    Red: 2 of Diamonds Green: 5 of Spades Red: King of Spades Green: 5 of Hearts
  5. ZackF

    Saturday Night Contest - James Bond Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 3 of Hearts Card 2: Queen of Clubs Card 1: 9 of Diamonds Card 2: 10 of Spades
  6. ZackF

    Stebbins to NDO?

    If you do 6 Out Faro Shuffles, it puts all of the suits together in a semi numerical order. I put a deck into the Stebbins Stack with the Ace of Clubs starting on top of the deck and and Jack of Diamonds on the bottom. After 6 Out Faros, the first 13 cards were Clubs, the next 13 cards were...
  7. ZackF

    "Spectators do the darndest things"

    I can't think of a time where a spectator did anything strange. There was a time, though, where I was surprised by the end result of a spectator's riffle shuffle. I was performing a trick I had been working on for the first time. It requires a riffle shuffle with half of the cards face up and...
  8. ZackF

    What is something you can say during a magic trick but You can't say during a first date?

    *Hands her the bill/tab* "Alright, I'm going to turn around so I can't see and you sign your name across the face"
  9. ZackF

    How Many Magicians Does it take to screw in a light bulb.

    Zero. They'll just use their fire wallets to light the room.
  10. ZackF

    Madison's Devilry?

    I don't have Devilry in full I guess you could say; however, I do have Madison's Anthology and HTCAC. I really enjoyed the reading. Packed with ideas. You will find at least a few things you will use, if not more. I would recommend picking it up, especially since you mentioned you like Madison's...
  11. ZackF

    One Word.

  12. ZackF


    I'm still in the early learning stages of hypnosis. There is one hypnotist who uploads his podcasts to youtube. His name is Mike Mandel. He talks about some very interesting ideas. He doesn't teach the step by step hypnosis process in his podcasts, rather, he talks about why certain techniques...
  13. ZackF

    Stuff Magicians never say.

    -"Is this trick hard to learn?" -"Neven performed live before." -Not really a quote, but copying patter word for word from a Book/DvD/Download.
  14. ZackF

    Terrible Pickup lines

    "Are you a fan of rope? If so, tie me up... and I'll show my escape routine."
  15. ZackF

    Things you can say about your deck of cards...... But not your best friend

    "I have mine marked so I can locate them anytime and anywhere"
  16. ZackF

    Things you can say about your deck of cards...... But not your best friend

    "I can ditch them and retrieve them later at my leisure"
  17. ZackF

    Magician Nicknames

    Juan Tamariz- "The other guy with the hat"
  18. ZackF

    Magician Nicknames

    Mac King - Rope King
  19. ZackF

    Fake quotes

    “The secret to mentalism is long hair.....and a goatee” -Max Maven
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