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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Reverse Engineering... Another Crazy Thought

    Well places online that sell those DVD tricks sometimes don't show the full trick (like theory11 for example) in their demo videos. This leads to the purchases. If the full effect was shown, of course it would easily be able to be reversed.
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    Limited Edition Bicycles: Built in trick

    "Cool you picked the 6 of spades. You know what's weird, look at the deck you have at home... take a look at the queen of spades." :p
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    Magic Geek or Penguin Magic

    Penguin magic... I think they have a wider selection and less expensive products. Plus free shipping :) and they have deals a lot where if you buy 50, 100, or 150 dollars worth of magic you get free stuff :rolleyes:
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Sterling Heights? Thats right around the corner from me... like a 20 minute drive :D
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    SLR - Paul Harris

    Well paper is a lot easier to cut then rubber bands :P but yeah good idea makes sense... edit- wait a second, I'm confused, can you PM me with how? because wouldn't you have to first cut the rubber band then?
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    JB in a Microsoft Ad!

    Macs can get viruses and the above as well. The programmers who make viruses however tend to aim towards the Windows operating system because it dominates the computer market at the moment. Although there are Mac viruses out there, there is a much larger percent of Windows viruses due to this...
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    Magic TV Specials

    Just informing you that the masked magician is canceled. It was replaced with Masters of Illusions. (unless it is being broadcasted somewhere else that I am not yet aware of, if so please inform me)
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    They will be sold separately a few months after the initial release.
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    On Demand - HDTV

    meh and flashed pretty bad with the second part... I agree with the review currently in the review area on the product page.
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    Shaun thanks for the reply. I absolutely love galaxy and can't wait to see how you turned it into the universe. Sorry for the bad play on words there. :)
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    Well it was right in the right price range for me. I am just worried about this getting exposed :( I own the 3 Art of Astonishment books. A version of Tensegrity is in one of them (I'm not home right now so I can't look) but I didn't even know that until someone on the cafe posted that. The one...
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    Yeah I saw it mentioned there doing a little searching, don't know where they got that from though. Who knows, maybe its an easter egg!
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    Bleached Blackjack is on there? Where?
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    Top 3 Effects from TA You're Most Looking Forward To

    Naked Strange - I'm really looking forward to how to make Strange Travelers Impromptu. Dunn’s Deal - An improvement on galaxy! What more can you ask for...! The New Las Vegas Leaper - LVL even better? Once again what more would you want. But yeah theres so much on here I am pumped for that it...
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    Dan Sperry : Masters of Illusion - Tonight - 9:00pm EST

    haha I thought I remember Tony asking on the forums how to get them playing on his computer....
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    Dan Sperry : Masters of Illusion - Tonight - 9:00pm EST

    And then what the heck was up with that crappy act with the bubble?
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    MAGIC WEEKEND - Featuring Aaron Fisher

    Anyway to purchase something only to come the first day?
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    True Astonishments - Review

    Yeah, even though I already purchased this, I cannot agree more. The trailer only shows reactions, none of the effects. The review doesn't explain anything either. I had a dream about meeting Paul Harris the other night :rolleyes:
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    Walk on Water Practice

    The best part is how he says 7 inches of water when it looks like theres barely an inch in his bathtub filled.
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