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  1. Timewise64

    'The Illusionists' Traveling Stage Show - First Rate!

    My wife and I attended 'The Illusionist' stage production this weekend. They are traveling the country putting on shows all over the USA. They have a website you can find if you search for the Illusionists. The show featured Chris Cox (Mentalist), An Ha Lim (Magician/ Cardist), Kevin James...
  2. Timewise64

    Real Magic Store in Vegas?

    As a kid, when I first developed an interest in Magic, I lived in a small mountain town in Colorado. I was lucky as I got to spend a few weeks every summer with my Grandparents in the 'big' city of Denver, Colorado. Over time I found two "good" magic stores where I could shop for magic tricks...
  3. Timewise64

    Magic Hat and Jacket

    Does anyone know where I can find ideas or instructions on gaffing a magic hat. Not buy a hat, but take an existing hat and add a secret 'rabbit holder' or the like? Also I do recall seeing some ideas on altering a jacket for a performing magician. Again, instructions or ideas of 'how to' and...
  4. Timewise64

    Magic Hat

    I just received a nice black Belfry Topper Wool Hat. It did not cost a ton and seems to be well made and it fits me at 7 7/8th. It is not gaffed in any way, but could be. I already have a few routines to work on with the hat (Sponge Balls, Silk Color change, etc..) Do any of you have...
  5. Timewise64

    The Illusionists - live from Broadway - Stage show

    Are any of you familiar with this show? Below is a list of the 5 main entertainers.... The show is coming in September and I may go see it.... British born Daredevil and Escape Artist - Jonathan Goodwin Mentalist - Colin Cloud Stage Magic/w Comedy - Kevin James Stage Magic/ Manipulation -...
  6. Timewise64

    Penn & Teller and Magician from Spain!

    While watching P&T Fool Us, last night, they had a magician from Spain. He worked with, what appeared to be four cards.....he was extraordinaire! Penn & Teller were falling over themselves telling this guy how good he was, and of course he totally fooled them! I wrote down his name but...
  7. Timewise64

    Mouth Coils

    As most of you know I do magic primarily for kids. I recently saw a very good routine using mouth coils, where the magician did a 'do as I do' routine. The problem I am having as the mouth coils that I have and those that I can find at internet magic sites are very large to put in your mouth...
  8. Timewise64

    Name this Trick?

    Since I was a kid, I have always been amazed at a magic trick that involves producing a single card out of the 'air' repeatedly, often this is done until the stage is littered with cards. Additionally, most magicians also throw single cards into the audience to further display this magical...
  9. Timewise64


    I have been watching different 'Loop' tricks for a month or two and decided to get some and learn a few tricks. I got a DVD done by Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika, which also came with a few loops and some 'yarn' so you can learn to make my own. The tricks are amazing and some I can do without tons...
  10. Timewise64

    Malini Egg Bag

    Based on lots of research and suggestions from RealityOne and others on the forum I finally got my Egg Bag and 6 eggs. Now I am learning the handling and developing a routine. I also got two small pamphlets recommended to me which are perfect to get me started. I am struggling a bit with...
  11. Timewise64

    Chinese Mat & Egg

    As a kid in the early 1960’s I lived in a small mountain town in Colorado. I developed an interest in learning and performing magic tricks. It was not easy in those days to find and purchase tricks, but I was lucky in that my Grandparents lived in the ‘big’ city of Denver. I would spend a...
  12. Timewise64

    Chop Cup and Cups and Balls - Combined!

    I have a set of 'Cups and Balls' and a 'Chop Cup' that match, exactly, at least in appearance. They are copper cups and the balls are red cloth balls. Again they match exactly, in appearance. As I work with these two routines, it became obvious that I can combine theses tricks together and...
  13. Timewise64

    Best Vegas Magic Shows?

    I am planning a trip to Las Vegas in February. Lucky for me my wife loves magic shows. I looked at a website yesterday and was glad to see there are a lot of shows we can consider. I would like to hear from you all about what shows you would recommend.... All comments will be appreciated!
  14. Timewise64

    If you like Rope Tricks...this routine is a good one!

    I got this link from my 100 year old Father in Law....he too likes good magic!
  15. Timewise64

    PK Ring 'noise'

    I am working on a trick to make a coin disappear from a volunteers open hand. I saw this on a show some years ago and only recently determined it was done or could be done using a ring and associated other props. They way it is set up is that the subject holds the coin on their open palm...
  16. Timewise64

    Producing Cards Out of the Air

    We have all seen magicians that will reach out into thin air and produce card after card, sometimes throwing them into the audience as fast as they produce them. Where can one find this effect and associated material to learn it well?
  17. Timewise64

    Sponge Balls at Last!

    I have been working for the last couple of months on learning the basic move on sponge balls. I have been using the Intro to Sponge Balls by Michael Dardant, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, and Steve Dacri's Sponge Ball Toolbox and DVD.... I tried the basic move on my wife for the...
  18. Timewise64

    Magicians Costume for Kids Shows

    I am to a point that I want to work up a costume to use when I do kids shows. I have considered a clown, but I am not comfortable with that character because they scare some kids. I looked at used costumes after Halloween but none fit me! I ware a 2XL and have a hat size of 7 7/8....Probably...
  19. Timewise64

    Change Bag, Best Type?

    I am looking for a new change bag, with a handle. I know of three different types. One uses a trigger pull, one uses a round handle spin, and others use a wire flip.... I dislike the wire flip as it is not as smooth as the others.... What do your prefer and where can I find it on line? I...
  20. Timewise64

    Chinese Sticks Noicy?

    I posted this on another thread, but have had no comments, so I thought maybe I had it in the wrong spot. I am 65 years old and have not worked with Magic for over 30 years. Started fooling around with it as a young boy, inspired by an older kid in high school. Never really did any shows...
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