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    Happy New Year + Holiday Contest Conclusion!

    good luck everyone, and a happy new year
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    after 9 years of being a serious hardcore card magician, its time I moved on, so 2012, my goal is to start revisiting all my other non card magic stuff, and im gonna start out by going through F(9) by callen morelli, and boondock mental by nathan kranzo.:) happy new year to everyone.
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    FIVE - The First Review

    i love all the effects on this dvd, ..esp stairway, love the fact that everything about it is simplified, and the last bit when the bill melts all the way back down to the bottom rung, i have been using it, and loving how magicians who do dan harlans similliar effect get blown away by this
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    Mojoe by John Kennedy

    well, i got mine last fri, am loving the reactions im getting from this little gem, and any of you guys who want to get this and still have doubts, well, cyril takayama also performs mojoe in one of his specials as well, here is the link
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    cheers, no worries, do u happen to know any magicians here in Perth by any chance?

    cheers, no worries, do u happen to know any magicians here in Perth by any chance?
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    ZAP by Hon Wong

    i have to disagree with that thesis there mate, when u get ZAPped, u r still aware of what is going on, but u r in a sort of 'high' state of mind, i learnt it by getting ZAPped by a fren of mind, real fun to do , and real fun practising it as well.
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    Crush by Eric Ross

    today is a sad day for magic everyone, what was the effect about anywyas?
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    Crush by Eric Ross

    is there anywhere i can watch this video?, sounds pretty exciting, pity about what happen, love eric ross's material.
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    New Release | Drop by Chris Lafferty

    maybe this should be the next Saturday Night Contest focus, the winner will be the one who perfoms Drop the best.;P agree with prae on this one, on all the points he made in this thread, the demo should have been rectified and made flawless before being posted as a demo, and by doing so prob...
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    ZAP by Hon Wong

    just to clarify, the tug that u see on the demo videos, is nothing more than a gentle tug, not a violent one as alot of people on various forums claim it to be. Hon says this on the video, so does jay noblezada, and those who have the dvd will be able to watch Jay performing ZAP as well, and and...
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    Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert - The emotional card trick

    i highly reccomend Deep 3. u can use for anything, think of 2 alphabets, think of ur first love, 4 different people naming different alphabets, book tests, anything u can do with the first 2 deep astonishment decks, im pretty sure u can do it with Deep 3 as well. i carry it with me everywhere i...
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    hey man, which part of australia are u at? im currently in perth, and im looking for budding...

    hey man, which part of australia are u at? im currently in perth, and im looking for budding magicians to jam with
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    May 2009 :: YouTube : Angel or Demon

    well, i only have this to say, youtube, will always have its pros and cons, i go on youtube to look for mostly trailers and movies , and also real life perfomances(such as David Blaine's extra footage), and if im not mistaken, Justin Miller recently replied to one youtube user for reaviling...
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    ANATE by Dee Christopher

    hey Dee, just want to say, awesome job on ANATE, am currently saving up for Succubus white, and White Star, keep up the good work mate
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    Five Minute Speech... Help Me!

    had to do a 10 min presentation once, in college. so basically what i talked about was all aspects of magic, then got my class to pick what sort of magic they liked, then used that as a ending to finish my presentation. so basically i ended up performing a newpaper prediction which i mailed to...
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    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    long time ago, magic was about cutting assistants in half, hankerchiefs dissapearring, floating lightbulbs, and now in the year 2009, we get GLITCH cannot wait for this, the coin to key is SICK.. awesome job B.smith and JM
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    hey man im from malaysia and currently in perth as well which part of perth are u , maybe we...

    hey man im from malaysia and currently in perth as well which part of perth are u , maybe we can set up a mid point to meet and have a jam session man
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    Street Card Magic

    agreed man, its all down to the performer themselves to sell the effect , be it whatever effect u perform
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    Street Card Magic

    hey moonchild, witness, if im not mistaken is by Lee Asher man, if u want street card magic, well, here are my favourite few effects i usually perform for randoms when walking around aimlessly on campus (not in order) 2 card monte - do not undermine the power of 2CM biddle trick here...
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    How Do You Get Clean After A Shape-Shifter?

    i usually get a "what the beep" while the change happens, so this gives me the motive to drop it back on the deck, thumb off the card, and show it front and back, and i get reallly crazy reactions just for this one sleight. i usually only use it in either a ambitious card routine, or a card...
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