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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Digital Dissolve Length

    On the cover it says 27 min....its only 12 min plus 5 min for the name...17 min! 10 minutes cut off!!! This also happened with Dangerous... Unless there are easter eggs which you count and i cant find..this is the second time!!!!
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    Bill Abbotts Smart Ass - Review

    Well i am proud to be the first to review this! Ha always wanted to do this! Effect- A card matches the card your sitting on. Where to buy- Bill Abbott I have mixed feelings about this. I will deffently use it, but was it worth 60 bux? Well yes and no. If you like Bill Abbotts style...
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    Want to join a winning team?

    I need one! So if so PM me! Thanks guys!
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    Happy Birthday J. Bayme Official Thread!

    Have a good one! PS Happy birthday!!!!!!!
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    These Damn American Coins

    Hey guys! A new trick from Presicion magic is coming out...a coin thru table, well actually 3! It is by Matt Coleman and looks pretty cool! Check it out for your self, only 15 bux!
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    Liquid Card Thru Window

    Hey guys! Take a look at this new card thru window! . And there is a bonus Target CTW by me! The demo is now up so take a look!:cool:
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    Shipping Question

    Hey....I am about to order 6 gaurdians...and there are 2 first class international options, one is about 3 bucks more (cheapest). My question is, is it thru usps or ups? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Golden Nuggets Value?

    Hey... i have a Golden Nugget deck which is green...and wondered what the value was?
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    Saturday Night Contest?

    Will there be one tonight? What time is it released?
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    Emails from T11 yet?

    I signed up for theory 11's newsletter but have not recived one yet. I though one would be sent out as Witness podcast came out...Did anyone recive one?
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    New idea for theory 11

    I just had this idea for theory 11. If you have an impromtu card trick/coin trick etc. that YOU invented, and is really good it could be an instant download just like the "one on one" if Theory 11 approves it. I know there is submit a trick but there will be a lot of hard hitting effects...
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