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  1. 2ndDeal

    Is this a good excuse for NOT palming?

    I've also heard about this elastics-thing, but I think it is kinda unecessary. I had a couple of windows, but as I practised, my hand adapted and the windows closed. So: If you practise palming, windows will close.
  2. 2ndDeal

    Starting out

    C'mon! Those hints are pure marketing of Theory 11. I really think that you can get far if you follow praetoritevongs advice. By going through Card College a volume by volume is the best way to begin studying card magic, I think.
  3. 2ndDeal

    False Shuffle

    I agree with the first part, but I think that the deceptiveness is as important for laymen. And I think that laymen will see the difference. Probably most of them won't go out and shout "False shuffle!", but they will note that shuffle looked different. Perhaps they forget it, perhaps not.
  4. 2ndDeal

    Why Books?

    I don't think that learning to play piano is commercialized the same way as learning magic.
  5. 2ndDeal

    Why Books?

    Yes, thats true. Because of that, I don't think that one should limit himself to books. But, my point was that books have material of great masters of magic, and that is not availale on DVDs, besides a couple of exeptions, like Vernon Revelations.
  6. 2ndDeal

    Hi! I'm _________

    Ah, greatest post I've ever read in these forums. What we have to think now is, how we would like to introduce ourselves. As cool visual artists? Hi! I'm 2ndDeal. I'd like to introduce myself as an active magician. I would have a couple of coin routines and some card routines ready...
  7. 2ndDeal

    Why Books?

    Yes, there are things like Vernon Reveletions and Juan Tamariz has a couple of lectures filmed. But, practilally all of their material is in books. Even though there is great material in some DVDs, thats so little compared to books. Name me a DVD about showmanship, or one about theory of...
  8. 2ndDeal

    I perform with regular Bicycle cards - Am I missing out?

    You aren't missing anything. You have avoided being tricked by commercial companies.
  9. 2ndDeal

    Which decks should I buy?

    In "normal" use (I mean practising hours daily and performing regularly) tiny differenses between quality won't matter. Buy those you find most good looking, and use common sense is it worth double the price if deck looks slightly cooler.
  10. 2ndDeal

    Why Books?

    Why books? Because material of Juan Tamariz is in books. Because material of Paul Harris is in books. Because material of Dai Vernon is in books. Because material about theory of magic is in books. Who cares if it takes ten minutes longer to understand the handling from a book? You'll...
  11. 2ndDeal

    Invisible Palm/Open Travellers

    To me it seems like that the kicker works and it's strong, but it weakens the original and "real" effect of the routine. I'm not saying this for sure, since I haven't personally experimented with Invisible Palm.
  12. 2ndDeal

    Invisible Palm/Open Travellers

    I personally think that surprise element in Invisible Palm isn't a good idea. The effect that cards turn invisible is so strong, that colour change of cards isn't a good idea. Mr. Stone is a great performer, and he seems to get a nice reaction with it, but I still believe that Invisible Palm is...
  13. 2ndDeal

    Where to get started?

    I don't recommend deciding in the beginning a one style of magic. Experiment! Try different things, make mistakes and learn from it. Material already stated is pretty good, and I think you will get started fine with those items already listed.
  14. 2ndDeal

    Favorite Cards

    No. Vipers are playing cards with Ellusionists stock and finish, and recoloured Tally-Ho design. They aren't really Tally Hos.
  15. 2ndDeal

    Worn out decks?

    I usually have one deck that is not in good condition with me all the time, so I can practise in conditions that are risky for decks (just after lunch, outside etc) without having to worry about the deck. After the deck is really worn out, I probably give it to someone, who uses it for...
  16. 2ndDeal


    From what I've read and heard, Houdini was a brilliant performer, but as a magician he would be today considered highly unethical.
  17. 2ndDeal

    Best magician today

    Oh this Theory11 generation. Juan Tamariz.
  18. 2ndDeal

    Do you believe in real magic?

    I believe in fast fingers.
  19. 2ndDeal

    David Blaine's Split Spades Lions - There's a difference!

    Off by one is an out for prediction. You have predicted the seven of diamonds, and spectator choses six of diamonds. Then you just show "Off by one". It is also very useful in dice stacking.
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