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  1. Danielkramer1

    Card revelation help!!!

  2. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Out of Your Mind

    Red Red Black Red Black Red
  3. Danielkramer1

    Awkward situation..

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo... No need for fun at a funeral. Actually there is, then it would just be an eral! Thankyouhereallweektipthewaiters.
  4. Danielkramer1

    Magician + Musician = ???

    Penn plays Double Bass during Teller's misdirection routine. John Archer plays the ukulele during his sets. The list goes on..
  5. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic 2012

    Here's my entry. Good luck everyone! D
  6. Danielkramer1

    Impromptu Torn and Restored Card?

    Ben Harris's Hoodwink! is one of my favourite impromptu T&R effects. I believe he also has a refined version in his eBook Quarks and Quirks.
  7. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Trailer!

    Here's my.......entry. DK
  8. Danielkramer1

    Magic Shops in South London?

    There's a great little magic stall in Covent Garden called Magic Cave. Holborn station is just minutes away from there, which is minutes away from International Magic shop! Go there if you can. Fantastic place.
  9. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama: 334 Romney: 204 Obama: 297 Romney: 241
  10. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Filtering Out Exposure

    Thanks Rick, glad you enjoyed it. I'm 16! Looks can be deceiving eh..
  11. Danielkramer1

    Saturday Night Contest - Filtering Out Exposure

    Here's my entry. Good Luck everyone! DK
  12. Danielkramer1


    My personal favourites are John Bannon's Last Man Standing (Impromptu and only a little bit knacky) from his book Dear Mr. Fantasy and The Bannon Triumph/ Play It Straight is virtually self working.
  13. Danielkramer1

    Pop Sandwich Update

    Just a suggestion for those who are unable to redownload the trick Ollie, you could upload the handlings to YouTube and make it an unlisted video, sending the link to those who wish to watch it (me, me, me, me, me). DK
  14. Danielkramer1

    Tricks with a reversed or different color card

    Overtime by Acer is also a very simple yet effective way to reverse a spectator's card. I use it whenever I have a pack of cards on me.
  15. Danielkramer1

    Tricks with a reversed or different color card

    David Stone's trick William is a very nice, completely impromptu way to reverse a card in a pack. It's on one of his Secrets of David Stone DVD I believe.
  16. Danielkramer1

    Blake Vogt's "Ringer"

    Think I speak for everyone when I say.......WHAT?
  17. Danielkramer1

    Coffee shop magic?

    Wormhole from David Acer's book More Power To You is one of the best types of these tricks I've ever seen. It's also redunkulously simple and, oh yeah, funny too. D
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