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  1. RediSpades

    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    8 of Hearts 9 of Hearts 4 of Clubs Ace of Diamonds 7 of Clubs King of Hearts
  2. RediSpades

    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    5 of Clubs 4 of Diamonds Queen of Spades
  3. RediSpades

    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    8 of clubs, hearts, diamonds, spades
  4. RediSpades

    How can I gain confidence to perform to the public

    There is a guy who knows his style pretty well on YouTube and he gives a lot of great tips on how to dress to impress. But, he also did a quick video on Confidence which I just ran into (and I laughed because he states in the beginning it isn't about how you dress). I figured you would like to...
  5. RediSpades

    What's your favorite Theory11 color change?

    Sad day, Eclipse wasn't on the list =(
  6. RediSpades

    Recall by Tom Crosbie - video review

    Akirafist, I have been doing a lot of research on this one, thanks for adding your input. Really good review. Oh, and just so you know, I just bought an ice pick and I am hunting down the guy right now. So, worry no more...
  7. RediSpades

    Who Here Are Ellusionist Forum Members

    I am a member over there, but I tend not to post. I just read what is going on. I plan on applying to "The Back Room" whenever I get a video camera, but that is another subject.
  8. RediSpades

    Hello Everyone!!!!

    Welcome to the forum Angela. Just wondering, what kind of magic are you into?
  9. RediSpades

    Finding New Magicians Assistants

    I have noticed a couple of posts lately about searching for an assistant, so I figured I would throw in a quick thought. If you search through the history of magic, you will see that a lot of magicians have had a hard time finding the right person to help out. Just think about all the times...
  10. RediSpades

    What Do You Take With You?

    I travel, a lot. In fact, that is an understatement. But I usually bring two decks of cards (because I buy them in bricks - just in case I need to break a window - to save money), coins (I have no fear of spending my walking liberties), a sharpie, and a pack of loops. I always have a journal...
  11. RediSpades

    shinanigens by shin lim

    Corey, I would like to start by stating that I do not have Shinanigens, but I have done my research on it. My answer to you is that it depends on what you have and can do in card magic. This DVD is mainly a collection of color changes and card productions, which is cool, but there are other...
  12. RediSpades

    Coin Tricks Help!

    I posted this thread on beginning coin magic a couple of weeks ago. I hope it helps:
  13. RediSpades

    What to purchase: Rapture or Think?

    I don't know what kind of books you are buying, but I am at the point where if I want to buy a book, I am dropping at least - and I stress AT LEAST - 50 to 60 bones on it. Granted, it is worth it because books are awesome, but sometimes I just like to get a one shot trick to blow minds for 20...
  14. RediSpades

    Saturday Night Contest - The Cardistry Olympics

    I would have agreed with you, but it was only about 18 seconds of flourishing. The rest was small additions (ie, camera focusing in and out)
  15. RediSpades

    Loops DVD Daniel Garcia

    Most of the success with PK touch is psychological. When you start adding a spectator to verify a part that really shouldn't be of any significance to your audience, they start looking closer. It is why we have spectators check things that have absolutely nothing to do with the trick, making...
  16. RediSpades

    porperclip for 5$??

    I wonder how they would feel if I bought all of their DVDs and then sold the bootleg copies here in america for like 2 bucks each???
  17. RediSpades

    Media magic

    You are absolutely right when you say that it is popping up more and more over television and the movies. Magic has been one of those hobbies that usually is reserved for the less socially active (but not always) so it is easy to single it out and poke fun a bit. They do it with all sorts of...
  18. RediSpades

    Best theory11 Product

    Mitch, I would also like to welcome you to the forums. The main concern that people are putting up is that the title of the poll is rating their favorite Theory11 product, and then you have put some random products up there. I guess the lesson that we can all take from this is to think a bit...
  19. RediSpades

    Flash Matrix

    This performance confused me, I think it is because the camera is zoomed-in too much.
  20. RediSpades

    Original Plots in Magic?

    Josh, I promise that there are plenty of new ideas out there. But creativity is hard and it doesn't come over night. It is something that you have to continually work on. It is a muscle, that with practice can grow. I have found that by keeping a Magic Journal, I log in some of my ideas and...
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