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  1. xizaf

    Imagination Engineer

    I really like to video, but I think that the editing could've been done a little better. Nice work though!
  2. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Defying Gravity

    Oooooh, this'll be fun. Can't wait!
  3. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double

    Here is my entry:
  4. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Simply Fooled

    You are not allowed to use playing cards. :/
  5. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    Here, is my entry. Had fun with this one. I hope to see more in the future that are similar!
  6. xizaf

    Please help me improve my Classic Pass

    Your ultimate goal should not be to make it completely invisible. It would take years of practice to make it undetectable. Instead, you should work to make your classic pass smooth and easy to do. Then you work on your misdirection and performance skills so you do not have spend all the time...
  7. xizaf

    10 beautifully imagined playing cards

    I find #4 very beautiful.
  8. xizaf

    Strontium - A 3 Phase Sandwich Routine

    I agree, it is difficult to see what the effect is without replaying the video multiply times. Secondly, the song could definitely be changed. I recommend something without lyrics because you do not want to distract or make the viewers leave due to the music choice.
  9. xizaf

    Mathieu Bich's Spreadwave LIVE performance

    Great performance! Seemed like everyone was having a great time.
  10. xizaf

    Favourite Deck

    I prefer the red Tally Ho's, circle back edition. :)
  11. xizaf

    How to open a deck of cards?

    I don't really care how I open it. I usually just peel off the seal and take the cellophane off.
  12. xizaf


    Nice. The flourishes are looking great.
  13. xizaf

    practicing on airplanes

    Anything works really. It's basically just the same as magic on the street because you are just walking around meeting people and showing them tricks.
  14. xizaf

    Has anyone created something like this?

    The video is private.
  15. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 6 of Spades White: King of Diamonds Black: 7 of Hearts White: Jack of Hearts
  16. xizaf

    Need some controls.

    The Subtle Card Shift is a great control to the top, which is pretty easy too.
  17. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Inside The Magic Box

    The first time I was really introduced to magic was when is was around the age of nine. My grandparents took me to see a comedy/magic act. A while later I was re-introduced to magic and started practicing more and really began to work on it.
  18. xizaf

    Best impromptu haunted deck?

    You could use Patrick Kun's "Vector", which can be done using a borrowed deck and is completely impromptu.
  19. xizaf

    Iphone Magic Trick Is it Original?

    I'm pretty sure I know how it is done because you flashed a bit. Also, another problem is that when the screenshot supposedly was taken, it looked like the 4 of diamonds, so a spectator might be suspicious because they saw it stop on a red card, but the screenshot was a black card. Seems like...
  20. xizaf

    Saturday Night Contest - Capture The Moment Good luck all!
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