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    Riffle Fan Help

    Practice like crazy! And don't give up! It personally took me three months of fiddling with the riffle fan everyday to get it to where it is now. So don't be disapointed if you don't get it for a while. Other then practicing a ton, i'd say tilt the finger you're pivoting the cards...
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    First video

    Decent music, good editing, and nice cardistry moves! I'll give it a 7/10 :)
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    Double turnover get ready

    The next time someone is burning the deck, start moving it around :) They watch it like a cat watches a lazer pointer! In my experience they laugh and then (maybe not even noticing it) stop looking at the deck as much :p PS also use the line "my eyes are up here" It always gets a few...
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    Most difficult flourish

    I would say the riffle fan. I know it's not the hardest move ever but it's been giving me alot a trouble to get it to look really good.
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    Question to Become a Better Magician

    If it's not a payed gig just walk away, there's always more people. Also, if they meet a magicain in the future they'll know not to be anoying or they won't get to see something cool. This might be bad advice but it has work good for me so far, i was preforming for some of my friends friends...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    Congrats Brett! Just wondering, are you planing on releasing that on the market in the future? It looks awsome btw!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

    Quite clunky. I guess that's what happens when you create something in 10 minutes :D
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    Beginning two handed cardistry

    Virus by Noel Heath is probably the oddest two handed cut i know. But then again i'm not really a cardist, i just enjoy knowing enough to look skilled with a deck of cards ;)
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    Beginning two handed cardistry

    Forgot to hit reply so i'm sending this now so it pops up on your alerts :)
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    Beginning two handed cardistry

    The werm, Sybil is a must, Squeeze cut by the virts, And cylinder by Andrei jikh. Btw they're listed from easiest to hardest so start on the left and work your way up. Goodluck Brett!
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    Riffle fan tips?

    You don't need to tilt it a lot but a little does help.
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    Riffle fan tips?

    In the end it's just a lot of practising and finding what works for you. I starting learning it about 2 months ago and only recently have i got it starting to look like this Also if you post a video of you preforming the fan i could let you know if you're doing anything wrong.
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    Daniel Fernandez predicting numbers

    We don't expose methods on the forums. However, most youtube videos are cut to make it look a lot more impossible
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    Where's Brett Hurley??

    DARN! There goes my chances at wining any guessing contests:eek: Hehe, jokes aside it's good see see you back on the forms Brett :)
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    First post on Theory11 - New Cardistry Video

    That's cylinder by Andri Jikh! You can find it on the market for 5.95
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    Bobo Coin Magic

    Page 44 and 45 have a nice technique that you should find useful
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    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    Love you too Brett :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    Syracuse (75-67)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Luck of the Irish

    Heads Heads Tails Tails Heads Tails Tails Heads Tails Tails Heads
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Daily Magic

    Nothing crazy, but i try to entry as many of these as i can :)
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