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    Expert Card Technique Refurbished Edition

    Thank you for the feedback and the responses! JButterfield, I have followed your advice on the page numbers and space before headings, but decided to leave the paragraphs as they are, with no indent (except the 1st paragraphs), but spacing between them. Now that I have cleaned up the paragraph...
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    Expert Card Technique Refurbished Edition

    Shame on me, but I have never read Expert Card Technique. I knew what it is and how important a book it is, I just couldn't get my hands on a copy. I really hope I can do that as soon as possible. While searching for a store that sells the book in my town, I have come across an "ebook" version...
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    Does The Wire pay off?

    Thank you for the great responses! I sure did not know much about marketing strategies, and though I probably can't implement them all, I will keep them in mind.
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    Does The Wire pay off?

    I've been meaning to film and publish something on The Wire for a while, and I think that this summer is a good time for that. My question to experienced Wire artists is: on average how much do you get paid for a release? I know that this is a somewhat inapproppriate question, but let me...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    Tails Tails Heads Heads Tails
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    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama: 318 Romney: 220 Romney: 284 Obama: 254
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    Do you plan to introduce your son to the art of magic and cardistry? How do you define your style? Do you stay in that style in your family/personal life, or is it exclusive just for videos and performances?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Photography

    It's simple - a tripod :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Photography

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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Photography Here is my entry. I used just some noise reduction and color correction on the final photo, I hope that counts.
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    Brown Smoke & Mirrors?

    Okay, thanks. That is what I thought.
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    Brown Smoke & Mirrors?

    Is it some kind of color correction, or that is a brown deck of S&M's on this picture? I've found it in the D&D shop.
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    Saturday Night Contest - School Is Out!

    Don't we have 12 more minutes yet? I was just about to post my entry...
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    I'm used to the fact that when the saturday night contests run, I'm usually sleeping. On Sundays I just watch the task, the prize and the winning post. Today I realised that there is no winner announced yet, and I saw that I had only 3 hours left to come up with something, if I wanted to. So...
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    Genesis Volume 2

    You are evil.
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    Wow... This is a first...

    Now if that would be a YouTube comment, I would instantly thumbs up it :D
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    Home Made Flash Paper

    I do't think it is a better source, than the DVD mentioned above, but here is a video about making flash paper:
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    Media Search Function?

    Right on the top of the page there is a bar, which remai visible even if you scroll the page. There is your cart, your subtotal, etc, and on the left there is the Search theory box. It was hard for me to find it too :D
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    I cannot really help you with the disc problem, but the Nestorizer, and the Springboard is absolutely the same. We can say that Jesse just stole the whole thing from Nestor Hato.
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    dan and dave twothousandten lecture dvd complete review

    good review and there is no problem with your english either but please use at least full stops or commas because it is very hard to read a text if it is written without any punctutation mark in it thanks in advance
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