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  1. EndersGame

    Gaffed Card Tricks

    I agree with the recommendation for Packet Killer. Magic Makers products can be a bit hit and miss, but this is one of their best. Simon Lovell does a great job teaching, and you get a deck full of different gaffs for a variety of different routines. This link will give you an idea of what...
  2. EndersGame

    Out of this world

    I also recommend Galaxian from Stephen Tucker. It is available commercially from Big Blind Media here: Galaxian OOTW. Here's a performance of the effect by Liam Montier: I first came across this under the name "Back to the Launching Pad", in Michael Breggar's excellent book Back to the...
  3. EndersGame


    Thanks for sharing that quote, Scott. A lot of people don't realize that the Faro Shuffle originates in the game of Faro. In fact, most people aren't even aware that Faro was at one time the most popular gambling game, prior to the arrival of Poker. Here's a brief excerpt from an article...
  4. EndersGame

    I got the three pack of different black decks from Magic Makers to see what the gaff cards are

    Actually, no. It's an American company, run by Rob Stiff, who is a magician in South Dakota, USA. They produce a lot of magic products at fairly low prices. However they are sometimes criticized for ripping off effects from other magicians and producing them without proper credit. But they...
  5. EndersGame

    Emotional Ideas

    You could also try using a trick that relies on emotion being a big part of the presentation. Two classic examples are Anniversary Waltz (Doc Eason & Garrett Thomas) and Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon).
  6. EndersGame

    Can't Faro Shuffle for the life of me

    The tutorial on the Perfect Faro from The Virts single-handedly helped me master the Faro, and overcome all the issues I was having with learning it. It covers all the mechanics and handling in detail, and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up here...
  7. EndersGame

    Which Penguin Live videos are best?

    I just recommended Eugene Burger's Penguin LIVE Lecture in another thread, due to the excellent insights he shares, and his philosophy and approach to magic. I remember seeing a list of the all time top Penguin LIVE lectures arranged by ratings, but I can't seem to find it back. If anyone...
  8. EndersGame

    Greatest lecture of all time?

    At just $5 a month, that's still a bargain. Most lectures cost at least $20-40 each, and with Reel Magic Magazine you get access to all of their content. Another lecture I'd suggest as an all-time great is Eugene Burger's Penguin LIVE Lecture. It's valuable not so much for the tricks, but for...
  9. EndersGame

    The One Thing to Improve Your Magic

    Really smooth work on Up The Ladder, Gabriel, well done! For me I've really tried to focus on starting from the ground up, and going back and learning the fundamentals properly. I'm currently studying Card College 1 & 2 for the second time, along with Roberto Giobbi's excellent companion video...
  10. EndersGame

    Books for a College Level Magic Class

    This is a great idea, and you've provided a great starting list. I would definitely suggest that Ken Weber's book belongs on the list. It's been recently released in an expanded and revised version, entitled Maximum Entertainment 2.0. As an alternative to Weber's book, one of Darwin Ortiz's...
  11. EndersGame

    Alright, how do you open a deck of cards?

    And then there is an even more important question - how do you remove the seal? This is my method: Someone put together a helpful video that shows how this works here:
  12. EndersGame

    Keeping cards nice.

    I can't recommend a card clip for daily usage, because it doesn't totally protect all the edges of the tuck box. They're better reserved for storing your deck and flattening the cards. I've written more about this in an article here: Card Clips: What Are They, and Why Get One? I'd suggest...
  13. EndersGame


    Nice! I think these are going to be a bit hit for Theory11, due to the crossover appeal. The same is true of the Star Wars decks and James Bond deck. It gives them a way to tap into new markets and broaden their customer base, and is a brilliant idea.
  14. EndersGame

    Best gifts for magicians

    Like a lot of hobbies and interests, it's difficult to buy a gift for someone with expertise in a particular area, because it's easy to get something that they don't want or need. A magic book is a good idea, but only if you have some idea of what's on their "wish list". I like the idea of...
  15. EndersGame

    Magic trick for a wedding

    This was going to be my suggestion too. It's a brilliant trick, and perfect for a wedding. Most magicians will already have the gaff needed to do it. You can pick up the tutorial for free here:
  16. EndersGame


    The brand new Nexus Wallet gives you a peek, card to wallet, and more. It's pricey ($110), and reviews have been mixed due to the fact that it isn't made of genuine leather. But it certainly can do a lot, and comes with a tutorial video that's over 4 hours long, and packed with ideas. More...
  17. EndersGame

    Harry Potter Themed Cards….PLEASE!!!!!

    Waddingtons also put out a Harry Potter deck, which you can see here:
  18. EndersGame

    Shantel Williams Deck(s)

    It's certainly somewhat of a change in direction from Theory11, and feels very different from all their other decks, which have more of a "classic" feel. It reminds me somewhat of some of the decks from Art of Play in that respect, since part of their catalogue is more geared to collectors and...
  19. EndersGame

    The Impact of Cardistry on the Playing Card Industry

    Other decks ● Pure Cardistry The Pure Cardistry Blue deck and Pure Cardistry Pink deck [see trailer video] are both from the House of Playing Cards, makers of the popular NOC series. The origin of the name NOC is in an acronym which stands for: Nothing Only color. Many cardists love the NOC...
  20. EndersGame

    The Impact of Cardistry on the Playing Card Industry

    In-house decks ● Copag 310 Alpha Cardistry Several of the biggest printers in the playing card industry have sought to capitalize on the cardistry trend by creating in-house decks styled after the NDO decks with identical cards. Cartamundi has been making more of an impact in the custom...
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