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    Magic trick for a wedding

    My thinking is the polar opposite of WitchDoc. I've done catering for literally countless weddings. Most are exactly the same...same music, same program, same, same, same. Same=boring. While it's always about the special couple, doing something out of the ordinary is what creates real memories...
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    Final Thoughts on Big Trick Energy

    What is BTE anyway..a new Youtube sensation? I'm outta the loop since I got life going on. But I digress.....
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    Monarch Special edition box set?

    Perhaps presented in a purple felt covered box with gold foil printing? A box that opens in the middle that has the T11 logo on the clasp? Imperial yellow lining that the decks are set into?
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    Nerdy girl love

    Still thinking of the possibilities of a deck based on "The Prisoner" starring Patrick McGoohan
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    Jurassic Park deck

    Personally I'd rather see one based on the tv series "The Prisoner". All sorts of puzzles would be possible.....
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    Bustling Bills

    Getting a "Page not found [404]" error.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Where In The World?

    Florence, Italy....home of the Renaissance
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    Coin toss winning device

    As he said in the video, this one is probably a prototype with maybe 1 more in existence. It may be really hard finding info about it without contacting Jason directly. I reckon this will be the only time he'll ever talk about it.
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    Keeping cards nice.

    I have a couple from Walmart. Go to the camera department and look where the tripod, filters and stuff is. There are mini camera cases there made of padded nylon. Works for me...must have half a dozen of them.
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    Ring gimmick making

    Go to a local arts & crafts show and ask some of the jewelry vendors.
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    Where can I learn this?

    Look at Revolution by Greg Wilson...maybe a modified version of that gimmick? 100% guess though
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    Pick your consultant!

    Sorry...I live in a brown shoebox in the middle of the road covered by a piece of twig. What is the Carbonara effect? Does that involve bacon in a creamy white sauce?
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    The real reason teller is silent

    It's actually written in their performance contract that Teller is not allowed to speak. True story...ok, maybe not. I think he wants to have the audience really get the experience of their performance. Without the words as distractions. Kinda like a picture in b+w. Without the color...
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    Shouldn't there be a way to remove threads older than say 3-5 years? That way someone couldn't...

    Shouldn't there be a way to remove threads older than say 3-5 years? That way someone couldn't bump an old thread. Plus I'm sure it would free up server space.
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    Need Routine Ideas!!!

    The ORACLE has spoken (see above). R1 has given you some great ideas. Run with them, and good luck. Let us know how it turns out. Maybe have someone video it so you can learn from the experience.
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    Andrei Jikh's Watch

    There really is no "replica". It's a true tourbillon that rotates on three axes, with a 288 facet diamond, magnesium globe, gold and sapphire crystal case. PLUS only 18 the world. If it's not the real thing then the counterfeiting industry has scored a big win, further legitimizing...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Thanks Casey for responding. I fully understand the position T11 is in. I've definitely noticed that some contests have very few entries compared to others, and sometimes I've wondered if T11 would discontinue them. I for one am glad that you haven't, especially now, since everyone's life seems...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    While I am grateful for & absolutely LOVE the the SNCs, there are over 700 responses to the thread Saturday Night Contest-What You Think here at T11. Why not use some of those ideas? The Lotto idea I feel has been used a lot, and just like tricks, shouldn't really be repeated too often...
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