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    Card Trick - I'll Take The Stairs

    Good Day. Nice old school plot for today: The Elevator Card Trick. Inspired by the work of David Acer and Richard Sanders, though I believe the plot is originally Ed Marlo's (I have in no way verified this, but always a safe bet to say Marlo!). This handling was the result of about an hour...
  2. Rev

    UNDO Two (original card trick)

    Fantastic. Wonderfully straight to the point as well. Faro shuffles really are a great 'bluff': a real shuffle that is actual not random at all. I always thought of it as a false shuffle or a control. Rev
  3. Rev

    Magicians and Mental Illness

    Back in 2017 I suffered a severe mental breakdown and was subsequently diagnosed with severe depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I couldn't stay awake during the day or sleep at night, it was terrifying to leave the house, and I couldn't be around my...
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    Out of this world

    The best version of this sort of thing is Stephen Tucker's 'Galaxian' which is marketed by Kaymar Magic. Same effect, much less mucking around with the piles once they are dealt. Rev
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    A Couple of Ideas

    Good Afternoon/morning/evening/day to you all So, currently unemployed and there is only so much job hunting one can do in a day before becoming depressed. So with that in mind, I filmed a couple of ideas I came up with last year but never shared. One is a fun packet trick (inspired by Nick...
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    Paul Harris

    Love me some Paul Harris. His 'Stars of Magic' DVDs are a bargain for the price. Long time favourites would have to be 'A Bizarre Twist' (Daniel Cros's one handed version) and 'Whack Your Pack' ('Reflex' if you want to original title). The latter is a great performance piece for what is...
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    Boxing Match - a free idea for you all

    That's two effects I've now shown you with the standard box, both of which you liked...I think it's time you embraced the change! Interestingly I do have another handling of this effect that doesn't need any specific box. Compromise is it needs a bit more set up. Matt
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    Boxing Match - a free idea for you all

    Hi All Here's something I've been using for a while using the 'new' Bicycle card box design. I don't teach it in this video, but anyone that has been in magic a while won't have any issue figuring out the method and I'm happy for you all to use it. A great layman trick! Cheers Rev
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    My 2020 Tinkerings

    Cheers mate. KBA is odd because when I put it together I thought to myself 'This is way too confusing. No-one will be able to follow what's going on'. However, I then tried it out a couple of times and it really does fry people. It's their faces when the aces 'appear' that's my favourite bit...
  10. Rev

    how to find a Joker trick - what do you think?

    I was going to say you spent too much time shuffling at the beginning, but when you showed the unmixed pack at the end it all made sense.;) Lovely smooth handling. Now drop the music and let's hear and see some of your personality. Rev
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    My 2020 Tinkerings

    A few more....;)
  12. Rev

    My 2020 Tinkerings

    Yo fellow magic nerds! Haven't posted on here in a long time. The reasons are many-fold and I can't be bothered to go into it. However, my love of magic has really been rekindled over the last year thanks in part to attending the Session convention in January (my first convention in 5 years)...
  13. Rev

    The Best Torn and Restored Card (Gimmickless)

    I love the thinking behind Jay Sankey's 'Cardboard Contortionists'. Two ungimmicked cards, very convincing, angle proof, starts and ends clean. Great lateral thinking.
  14. Rev

    Outdated magic

    French Kiss. Good luck trying that trick in our 'new' Covid world!
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    My handling of Jumpin Gemini !

    Dude, so smooth. I only recently learned this myself so appreciate that there is a lot going on, and you nailed it! Rev
  16. Rev


    Man links safety pins together. Man shows everyone he doesn't have an egg in his bag. Man puts playing cards in order Man burns hole in cards Man threads needles Man turns his arm round
  17. Rev

    JK Hartman question

    That list is out of date. His most recent book came out in 2017 (Card Devilry) In 'Card Dodgery' there's an interview with him and he seems to prefer to stay out of the limelight and away from other magicians. And who can blame him...;) Rev
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    Confession of magicians

    I've got one: Over the last couple of years I've accepted and even embraced magic teaching on YouTube. Not straight exposure of other peoples' effects/dealer items, but decent teaching of standard effects/original ideas etc ala Jay Sankey, Rick Holcombe, PigCake. Rev
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    Magic-related game

    Naked Angels on bikes.
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    Separate coins signed, signatures appear on the same coin later

    Michael Murray's 'Murray Mint' ( has an Anniversary Waltz type handling included where two coins of different denominations are signed and both signatures end up on one coin. Rev
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