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    Blake Vogt Card Splitting

    So this morning I got the first card splitting download from blake and have gotten pretty good at splitting already in just a day because I already kind of knew how to split cards. I really want to make my own gaffed cards instead of buying them because I'm broke, but blake only goes through...
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    13 steps to mentalism

    Outdated for modern magic? General thoughts?
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    Red Mirror vs. Reflections?

    I'm thinking about getting something from Heldar so what do y'all suggest? Pros and cons of each? Thanks
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    Question for all ye gamblers and swindlers

    So recently I've developed a hunger to learn me some mucking. I've got quite a few blind deals and shuffles under my belt that are getting close to perfection and I want to start branching out a bit more into gambling technique over magic technique. My question, then, is what good books are...
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    Custom Card Creation

    Hey y'all, I was just wandering around on the interweb and the amount of new decks being produced and created made me wonder how hard it is to actually create a custom deck of your own. I know several websites offer options to help make your own decks on a smaller scale, but after that my...
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    Magic to Do

    Hey ya'll. I'm involved in the theater program at my school and we are currently working on the musical "Pippin". The first number in the musical is a song called "Magic to Do" and not surprisingly there is a desire for there to be magic performed as we dance and sing. My theater director and I...
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    the hole in Whole

    Hey all: recently I purchased The Whole Thing by Chris Mayhew and I was wondering if it was possible to learn the original method for cutting the hole in the cards? It would be cool to do what they did for the Dresscode formal method and post an additional video. Of course nothing too exposing...
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