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    Zach Mueller on The Daily Show?

    Did I see him, or just some other handsome young magician? Or did everyone know about this already and I'm just late to the party
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    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    Integral, by Andrei Jikh!
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    Daniel Madison Players "CODE"

    You can contact theory11 support to get the video explaining the code.
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    Do Gift Cards Work Here?

    I know that Visa gift cards work on this site.
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    Hatin on Gimmicks

    Check out pretty much anything by Dan and Dave Buck, and the stuff they have available on their site.
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    Traveling Bicycle. For the Wire or Not?

    I think it could easily be a Wire product.
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    What deck is that?

    This may be off-topic, but they have said more than once that it would be released this fall, and autumn hasn't ended yet.
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    Right or Left handed?

    It's not wrong at all! Unconventional and nonstandard, sure, but whatever works for you, works for you.
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    Best Basic Deck

    I totally agree with magicat. Blue Tally-Ho Circle Backs are the best handling "basic" deck, in my opinion. Although if you're more into flourishing, I'd recommend the Fan Backs, for the aesthetics.
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    Rapture been refreshed?

    Just to let you know, you can contact theory11 directly through the "Contact Us" at the bottom-right corner of the page!
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    Theory11 Magic Tricks tab

    On my screen, the difficulty for everything is easy. Which isn't normal.
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    White Lions series b

    David Blaine's website does mention that there are many hidden features built into the deck.
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    Error again

    Hey there! I'd suggest sending a support ticket to the theory11 support crew directly at You can get a more direct response that way. Although you might have to wait until Monday...
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    hands size matter?t ant

    Certain hand sizes can make it difficult to learn certain cuts, but if you practice enough, you should be able to increase your fingers' flexibility or find some way to execute the cut that works for you (or at least, that's what other people say). Just keep practising! Can't really help you...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 9 of Spades White: 9 of Spades Blue: 9 of Spades Red: 8 of Clubs White: 7 of Spades Blue: 5 of Hearts
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    Buck Twins

    Each deck they send for the Deck of the Month Club is always a good-quality deck. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that you will not always get some rare or out-of-print deck, it's just to let you try out different decks. They have lots of Jerry's Nugget decks because they...
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    Is "Pressure" really worth $20?

    To be honest, I think $20 is a little too much for the Pressure effect, but even if you're fairly confident that you know how the trick works, I'd still recommend buying the instructional video, for three reasons: 1. Daniel Garcia is in it. 2. Dan White is in it. 3. theory11 produced it.
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    White Monarch Questions.

    Most companies are reluctant to reveal the exact number of limited decks that are printed... And I think this would've been more effective if in the form of a customer service ticket, rather than a forum post.
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    Why Do Magicians Dislike Criss Angel?

    But remember, this thread isn't for people to unleash their extreme distaste for Criss Anel; rather it is to explain why they have a distaste for him. That being said, I think this thread has more or less accomplished that already.
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