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    Angry - Genesis Missing In Package!

    So I bought the Genesis Dvd along with some some smoke and mirrior decks. The pakage arrived today and was excited to start learning but im sad to say that the dvd Genesis did not come in the pakage. :mad: Has anyone ever had a problem like this and if so how long did it take the support team...
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    Anyone who lives in Canada and ordered andthensome receive their copy yet. I should have already got it but its not here.:(
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    Ringtone by Adam Grace - Question

    I would just like to know for any people that already on Ringtone, can the spectator really pick any song and i mean ANY song from jazz to rap to rock and roll? Thank you in advance for any comments. ;)
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    andthensome : Orange - Sold Out

    Just like to say that i was on the d&d site and saw that andthensome Orange Edition is sold out. Glad i picked up a copy on Friday. :D
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    Simple Triumph or Tres Pass?

    I want to buy a 1on1 but i am debating weather i should but SLOPPY SHUFFLE TRIUMPH or TRESPASS. Both look great but i would like to see your opinion.
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    Hey everyone. I am just wondering what tricks you guys think are good. Tomorrow i am going to my magic store and i just want to know what you think a good trick is or a very effective trick on people. I don't care about the skill level i just want to know what you would recommend. :D
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