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  1. uhhh_kyle

    Drawing Duplication

    I want to use Drawing Duplication for stage/ Parlour, any suggestions? And is "Technique" by Matthew Mello any good?
  2. uhhh_kyle

    Force a Phone Number

    Do you want the spectators number or do you want to force a number on them? The force one on them, "Sympathy for the devil" by Paul Vigil is amazing.
  3. uhhh_kyle

    Is Thread Dangerous?

    I agree with Draven. Some people just will not be able to do it. I use a VERY small amount of thread and I can barely fit it in my eye lid. I do the sleight of hand version now. Same reaction, but it's also safe. I'm already 80% deaf. I don't want to go blind too.
  4. uhhh_kyle

    Drawing Duplication

    I've been on a hunt for a version of drawing duplication that can be done on the spot with just some pens and note cards. A quick version for the street or stage. I can't find any that tickle my fancy. Any suggestions?
  5. uhhh_kyle

    Rubberband through hand!

    I just played with it a little bit. It seems to be a lot like the trick Pixel. Same idea. Play with it and you'll get it. He's very smooth. Awesome video.
  6. uhhh_kyle

    Do Magic Tricks Work in Picking Up Girls?

    look for puma skills on the internet. It's a website that teaches this in AMAZING detail. I do bars and night clubs mainly. I use magic to pick up girls all the time. As long as you dont come off dorky, then it works great.
  7. uhhh_kyle

    Hello my name is...

    Well said Rasmus. While I was reading all the posts, I was thinking about how T11 doesn't just release dvds every other day so they can make money. They really strive to release something good. I bought one thing from here that I don't use. EVERYTHING else, I use. Deleting everything to...
  8. uhhh_kyle

    Are there still Criss Angel haters... Why?

    respect the man. He is good at what he does. I have met the man a few times and every time he has been really cool to me. People bashing him cause girls, and some guys, find him "sexy" is pointless. Focus on his magic. I think the way he performed "split decision" was pretty good. He...
  9. uhhh_kyle

    Stage Names

    The name Luka has actually been one of my favorite names for quite a few years now. It's different, but not awkward. My real name is Kyle, however ALL my friends call me Zia (Zee-uhh). I've been called that for awhile now, but on stage I go by my real name. I personally don't like stage...
  10. uhhh_kyle

    Most underrated magician in the present day?

    I believe Paul Vigil is underrated. His published work is phenomenal. I've never seen anything like his work before. Most people that I meet have never heard of him.
  11. uhhh_kyle

    Spooky Illusion

    I love the trick "spook." The name says it all. Spectator picks a card and replaces it back into the deck. No force. you set the deck down and the deck cuts itself and when you snap your fingers, the selected card spins out! I love this trick. Pretty simple too.
  12. uhhh_kyle

    Blaine VS. Angel

    While Blaine is great skill wise, I don't like his "character." The monotone voice and getting straight to the point annoys me. I believe the Buck twins are amazing skill wise too, just a bit monotone for my taste. Angel is very well rounded. He can pull off pretty much any trick, feat...
  13. uhhh_kyle


    Well said. Derren's book is awesome to read, but if you want to learn "hypnosis," pick up The new encyclopedia of stage hypnotism by Ormond McGill. Michael Mezmer, a great htpnotist, suggested this book. He suggested a school for it too. I will not attend the school, but the book is pretty cool.
  14. uhhh_kyle

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mentalism

    Tricks of the mind is a good book. The NEW encyclapedia of modern stage hypnotism is an amazing book. For hypnosis, thats the only book your gonna need. "Mind Control: The Ultimate Revelation" by David Shuttleworth is pretty good too. He explains a lot of Derren's Tricks. "how to read...
  15. uhhh_kyle

    Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

    I have met some people, and a stripper took a liking to me. Weird, huh? I may only be here for a fews months, I may be here for the rest of my life. But I'm truely scared about leaving her on her own.
  16. uhhh_kyle

    Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

    Thank you for that. I came up here for a 9 day vacation and to spend time with my dad and his side of the family. While I was up here, my gf cheated on me in Vegas, admitted shes addicted to drugs and alcohol, and shes balemic and anorexic. I am very worried about her safety, but if she...
  17. uhhh_kyle

    Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

    Yea. I'm moving to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
  18. uhhh_kyle

    Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

    I'm moving for a fresh change and there is no work where I live. Hoping someone has already done this thing before and can give me some friendly advice. I'm really scared about the whole idea. Thanks eveyone!
  19. uhhh_kyle

    A "True Astonishment" Up For Grabs

    I'm game. I can't do video though. Sold all my gear when I got laid off. May I suggest a research idea on magic. Ask a really detailed question. First to respond with the correct answer wins.
  20. uhhh_kyle

    Can mentalism be combined with magic?

    Believe in your magic, and relate to the crowd and will work.
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