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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. guardian64

    Invisible Thread

    hey guys i am thinking about buying invisible thread or gain telekinesis. unfortunely i cant gain telekinesis so well settle for invisble string does anyone know a good quality invisible string the is strong and very hard to see even in harrsh lighting or can someone please tell me how to gain...
  2. guardian64

    Thoughts on Mind Control

    heys guys wuts up just what to know your thoughts on mind control like do you think its real what would you do with it if you had it etc. -thanks
  3. guardian64

    Thoughts on Telekinesis

    hey whats up i just wanted to know your thoughts on telekinesis
  4. guardian64

    Wynns or Absolut Deck

    which cards are better for flourishing wynns or absolut deck
  5. guardian64

    Difference between new and old Aladdins

    hey guys just wondering what is the difference between new and old aladdins
  6. guardian64

    Should I quit Cardistry?

    why do we flourish most of my life i have playing with cards like magic and xcm. but around 2 days ago my step brother ask me what i was doing i told him it was sybil a card flourish. then he asked me why i do it because he thought it looked horrible then he told me to quit should i?
  7. guardian64


    hey is there a review on the b4 cut by andrei
  8. guardian64

    Worst Cards

    hey cards i was just wondering what is the worst cards you have used in your life does not matter on look
  9. guardian64

    Are Arrco playing cards good for flourishing?

    hey guys was just thinking are arrco cards good for flourishing and out of 10 where would it be
  10. guardian64

    Arrco Playing Cards

    hey guys i was just wondering if someone could make a review on the arrco cards i already saw a review on youtube but i want to hear other peoples review thanks
  11. guardian64

    Absolute Vodka Deck or Old Aladdin 1001 Deck

    hey guys i was just wondering which to get 2 absolute deck or a brick of old aladdin 1001 deck
  12. guardian64

    Cards for Flourishing

    hey guys i just wanted to know your favorite kinds of cards for flourishing and be accurate Example you say bikes i want you to say what kind of bikes so please list your favorite cards for flourishing number 1 being your favorite thanks
  13. guardian64

    What Do You Think?

    hey this is by performance of a flourish i made up please dont mind the people in the background p.s the first thing i do is the flourish i made up thanks
  14. guardian64

    Andrei's White Cents video

    does anyone know where andrei learned the moves he used in the white cents video
  15. guardian64

    Andrei DVD

    hey does any one know when andreis dvd is coming out also does anyone know where i can learn shapeshifter sequence by andrei
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