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    Ring Routine

    In my routine there is Ring Thing, to Circuit I must have thin ring. I'm looking for a trick that ends a routine, that is an killer :D
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    Ring Routine

    Very often I have this situation that someone asks me "show something, please". I can't do anything expect of some coins tricks. I thought to make a ring routine which will be using only ordinary ring always brought with me. I was performing couple times but never with reaction which I want. My...
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    S.s.s vs S.s.s (2015)

    Hi, I want to improve my magic with a smoke. I want to know what are the differences between 2015 edition of sss and older version. If you have them please tell me which of them is better and why. Which would you personally recomend? Thanks for help :D
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    Adding smoke to magic

    Hi, this question is adderessed to magicians which have S.S.S by Shin Lim. I want to buy this product to perform mostly "smoke from mouth" effect. I want to know what is the difference between 2015 and later version. If you have both which you prefere and why you would recomend this version. And...
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    Topit and Gecko :D

    I forgot to ask... what kind of topit will be the best to Tommy's trick. And can I use a topit not wearing a suit but for example a hoodie?
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    Topit and Gecko :D

    Hi, I'm from Poland. I wanted to do Tommy Wonder's "Ring, watch and money trick" but to do this I need a topit. I'm thinking to buy a topit on Ebay because In Poland it's unavilable. Only barrier for me is high cost of shipping. I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money. My first question is...
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    Disappearing an Egg :D

    Hello, a week ago one magic trick on youtube amazed me. It's Seave Kohen's trick which he performed on Letterman's show. I want to do this trick but I want to prove it and make this without sleeves. I have to find a better way to disappear an Egg. I don't want to do the second french drop. I was...
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