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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Hey I really like that mysterious twins effect too, and I'm also trying to figure it out and I...

    Hey I really like that mysterious twins effect too, and I'm also trying to figure it out and I think I've got it but whats the move you do to bring the first selection face up to the bottom of the deck? I've watched a few performances and it looks like some kind of modified cardini change but I...
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    Carolina Click Change Tutorial

    Yeah GOAT definitely tops but is way more difficult.
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    Carolina Click Change Tutorial

    Hey guys I was looking around for videos of the GOAT change today and I noticed that nfpalmer put back up his video of the 3C change tutorial which I'm pretty sure he took down for a while. Here ya go: Not like many people will be...
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    Palming, to what extent?

    Dont forget Lennart Green's favorite... the lateral palm.
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    What is this change?

    I just watched this youtube video and I almost dropped, I have to know what it is. Any info would be nice.
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    Riffle Pass Performance

    Actually this is more of a classic pass done with a riffle at the start, so its not a typical riffle pass, the riffle is supposed to be done at the start. I learned it from a Bill Malone DVD. But I will also work on a regular riffle pass, thanks for the comment :)
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    Riffle Pass Performance

    Hey guys heres my riffle pass, I've been working on it and wanted to see what you thought about it. Its not a typical riffle pass because I do the riffle at the start, I think it covers better. Obviously the pass is meant to be done with misdirection, so keep that in mind...
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    Top shot sandwich routine

    Hmm... I've been trying to learn the top shot for a while but the way its described in the trilogy you have your first finger on the long edge of the pack and the grip is weird and I can never get it to work well. Your way seems more relaxed and doesnt have a weird grip and seems to work well...
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    Clipshift Idea

    No you see two black cards, you see their card is black and placed in the middle then you see the top card of the deck is also black... at least that is what a spectator sees.
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    Aging Cards

    wow I've been using a deck of tallys for about 3 months now... although i just stocked up on smoke and mirrors and split spades so I shouldnt be using those any more :)
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    I would have to go with cascade, when done as a casual action like how dan and dave teach it there is nothing to suspect, and even if they burn your hands it is very difficult to catch (assuming theyre at a good angle). If they burn your hands with a double undercut its pretty obvious you're...
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    Definitely get it if you like the trailer. I just got it recently, im fairly new to magic and its pretty hard, but fun at the same time. Yea Jackson 5 is hard and Pandora and a few others, but theres also some basic flourishes like akira and eko and mecka. The tricks are also sweet, they require...
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    Deck durability

    How do Dan and Dave's Smoke and Mirrors decks compare to split spades for durability, they both look awesome and i wanted to buy one or the other, if split spades last 7 months i might have to get those, although smoke and mirrors have the sexiest back design
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    Spread Pass

    Thanks for the feedback,yeah i'll keep practicing. I never really noticed how fidgety i was with the deck until i watched it on video... kinda weird lol ill work on that.
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    Spread Pass

    Hey guys heres a video of my spread pass. I learned it from the Chad Nelson 1 on 1 from Ive only been doing it for like 2 days so dont be too harsh on me :), but give any advice you like. I love this pass and i think everyone should know it, so you should check it out...
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    G.O.A.T. Change/3C Change

    Hey guys ive been watching some youtube videos of changes and one change ive run into is the GOAT change or Carolina Click Change (3C). According to some people they are the same thing, and according to others they are different. The GOAT change was made by dan and dave and the 3C change was...
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    Book Showdown!

    Hey guys, I've been looking for some intermediate/advanced magic books to buy and the two I've come down to are Andrus Deals You In and By Forces Unseen. When I watched this video on youtube I was like DANG I gotta get that book! By Forces Unseen...
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    Everyday cards

    Hey guys im new to T11, and sort of to magic, and i want to get some nice cards that i can use everyday to practice. Nothing fancy like split spades or smoke and mirrors, just some cards i can buy in a pack and get alot of use out of them. I was thinking like tally-ho's, alladin's, what do you...
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