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    T11 website bug.

    Working for me. Try a different browser and see if it works. Often website loading problems can be fixed by clearing your browser cache.
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    Well, maybe Si Stebbins wouldn't be best here. I just looked at how it would come out. In the trick the deck is shuffled once and that puts all the pairs next to or near each other. The book is still a great memdeck book. Some at least should work with Stebbins. Check out Temporarily out of...
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    It should work with Si Stebbins. I of course have come up with an "improved" handling. Let me know if you decide to learn it.
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    And on the topic of bottom deals, if you know a stack you should check out Duplicity in Pit Hartling's In Order to Amaze. It's my favorite trick with a bottom deal.
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    Ok, I was just referring to the Bee No. 92 Diamond Back Club Special cards. To my knowledge and belief those are indeed all traditionally cut, but don't believe everything you read on the internet.
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    All Bees are traditional cut and are what I am using the most at this point because I also like the borderless backs for bottom deals. For the last several years all of the Bicycles I've gotten have been traditional cut as well, but this didn't used to be the case. I use the traditional cut...
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    Riffle Cull/ Stevens Cull

    I also found the Stevens cull on page 13 of Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst.
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    Riffle Cull/ Stevens Cull

    The Stevens Control is what Vernon discusses on page 44 of More Inner Secrets of Card magic. I was able to buy the PDF from for $12. This is based on the same technique as the Stevens Cull though I'm unsure what the differences are. Also see Stevens Riffle Control in The Classic...
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    Requesting T11 Deck in traditional cut

    Wouldn't a traditionally cut T11 deck be amazing? Perhaps in Medallion back. If any T11 are traditionally cut and I missed it please let me know, but I'd like to request we get some traditional cut love.
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    What makes a strong trick?

    I think that would be about my answer too. You probably want to throw in something about engagement and entertainment, but that's a good basic description to me. It sounds like you should be reading Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz. It is an entire and excellent book on this exact topic, though...
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    Saturday Night Contest: SUNDAY Edition! (FINALLY)

    I save them all so that some day I can make a whole bunch of worn out one way force decks. The thing is I tend to rotate what type of deck I'm using based on my needs, so I just have a awful lot of old decks.
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    Deck swapping

    Yeah I actually had that included in my list but deleted it due to the clothing requirement. It is beautiful.
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    Where to find resources on knowing how many cards you're holding.

    I see estimation is also covered in Card College Volume 4. I haven't actually gotten to volume 4 yet, so I can still only actually recommend Marlo here.
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    Deck swapping

    Do setup tricks at the beginning. Do tricks that only mess up half the deck. Put deck in pocket and say, oh do you want to see another. Ask someone to shuffle the deck. While the do that you do a trick with other deck. Ideal if you find someone who shuffles slowly. Setup messed up deck...
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 Turns 15!

    2015, I was looking to get back into card magic and needed cards! At the time Theory 11 had not only interesting new card designs to check out but also the best discounts on bricks, not to mention some awesome Jason England videos. No more brick discounts to be found, but years later I'm still...
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    Card Manipulation

    Jeff McBride's The Art of Card Manipulation series of videos is probably the best of the available options.
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    Multiple out card trick?

    This is an Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN). My favorite version is Asi Wind's AACAAN which you can get from Vanishing Inc. This is essentially the version David Blaine performs though different performances will not all look the same.
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    Best card tricks

    Expert Card Technique
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    Best card tricks

    1, Invisible Transit (impromptu) 2. Pit Hartling's Duplicity (setup) 3. Out of This World (setup) 4. AACAAN (setup) 5. Twisting the Aces (reasonably impromptu/minimally setup) 6. McDonald's Aces (gimmicked) 7. Invisible Deck (gimmicked) 8. Color Monte (Depending on you perspective this could be...
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