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    College Application Essay - Topic is Magic

    I just submitted my application today! My essay was on magic as well, but in a very different way I think =) Wish me luck! Adam
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    This Saturday - CK Birthday?

    It is indeed his it is also mine =D Adam
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    BentTouchSlink by Daniel Garcia

    If this has the same BENT that he was going to release before - then this will be great! Daniel sent me a demo of his coin bend two years ago...and WOW it is visual and clean. I hope that this is the same one!!! Adam
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    Eject - Mathieu Bich

    Do not try and fish for methods...
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    Russian Roulette

    Ya, this is not russian roulette, however, there is a cool video on the Cafe secret sessions of russian roulette with a airsoft gun. Very cool stuff. Adam
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    Prophet with cards?

    I don't have prophet, but I did try using cards with the Page gimmick, and no it will not work. Adam
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    How many decks do YOU have?

    I have around 80 unopened Bikes right now, and then of course some gaffs, etc. Adam
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    Favorite Impromptu Effect

    Card effects - Way too many 3/4 Across - Gregory Wilson Recap - Gregory Wilson Quicksilver- Gregory Wilson Nevermind...just buy On The Spot...FULL of great stuff Sinful Stigmata Etc... Adam
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    Should my friend get a tattoo?

    Actually, if you are under eighteen, you can get a tattoo, as long as you have a guardian with you. *I believe* But still, I would vote no...
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    Email I got from Justin Miller...

    Alright, Justin DID leave magic for a little while. I remember (it was only last year...) and he definitely was not forcing anyone to buy his stuff. Well he was....but my putting up massive sales. I love Justin's magic, and although I am not a Christian, in no way does that change my opinion of...
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    Saturday Night Contest: Love Edition

    "Guardian Angel Bike Deck - diaper not included" "Highway to Heaven: Diaper Drive"
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    Control :: Reactions

    I don't think that anyone is bashing you, just trying to give advice. Even if you work on it all day, to me that is still not enough time. I don't think seven hours is enough, especially when they are in a row. I think practice should be spread to allow thinking and changes to occur. I am not...
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    Control :: Reactions

    I say congrats on getting reactions, however, performing merely hours after learning an effect does not seem right to me. Even the easiest self working tricks need presentation, timing, etc. Please give every effect the time it deserves. Adam
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    Magicap By Jeese Feinberg

    I am not a huge fan of the trick, but if you give it the time needed, it really looks great. I agree that it is a little overpriced, but if you see Jesse perform this, it really kills. My favorite of effect from his is Write Angle, very good. But overall I agree that this is not his best trick...
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    Control :: Sneak Peek

    Very cool video Wayne! Looks like it will be great! Adam
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    Saturday Night Contest: Merry Chris(Kenner)mas

    The book is one of the best - I just want to win because I rarely win, and I want Chris Kenner's autograph =) Adam
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    Saturday Night Contest: Merry Chris(Kenner)mas

    This mine...a T11 tree. Don't have a tree because I'm Jewish...oh well! Adam
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    The World Magic Awards :: TV Special

    I watched a wee bit of it - wonder if Kenner or anyone from T11 was there! Adam
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    Your Autographs

    Justin Miller is the only autograph I have =) Adam
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    Liquid Card Thru Window

    His view is a little biased...but I can tell you Impervious is top notch! Adam
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