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  1. Pete Pridanonda

    My Recent Mentalism Routine for UC Riverside School of Medicine

    Hello everyone, Last month, I got invited to perform a 15 minute mentalism/magic show for a room full of physicians and the first graduating class of the newly opened School of Medicine at University of California, Riverside. I have put together two routines which I feel are very powerful...
  2. Pete Pridanonda

    Holiday Wheel Prize Problem

    Last Wednesday I spun the wheel and landed on the "charity:water" as my prize. However, I've never received any email, updates, messages, or instructions regarding how I can claim my prize. I've also emailed the support team but with no response. If anyone knows how I can obtain my prize, please...
  3. Pete Pridanonda

    Getting Nauseous Before a Show

    First of all, I would like to say that the last time this feeling has happened to me was over 10 years ago when I first got started in magic. I am sure that back then it was due to nervousness and the lack of confidence. However, as I gained more experience performing over the years, the feeling...
  4. Pete Pridanonda

    Crazy April Fools Magic Trick::FOOLER

    This is a fun presentation/patter for a very well known effect that I recently came up with. What I like about this presentation is that it turns an impossible magic trick into some of kind of believable psychological experiment, which adds a "realness" factor into the routine. Further, the...
  5. Pete Pridanonda

    Mind Reading For A Skeptic Friend

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you are having a great holiday season so far with your friends and family! On Christmas day, I got a chance to try out a new presentation for a mentalism routine that I've been working on for quite some time. It is quite a challenge given that my friend was...
  6. Pete Pridanonda

    Best Presentation for Ambitious Card LIVE

    Hi everyone! I recently became the president of the Thailand club at UC Riverside and decided to share some magic at the first meeting. The first routine is definitely my favorite handling and presentation of the ambitious card; there is a reason why the card keeps jumping to different places...
  7. Pete Pridanonda

    Me Performing Magic for Mat Franco LIVE!!!!!

    This is me performing magic for Mat Franco at the LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas after his show. This was a huge honor for me and definitely one of the most memorable moments in my life! Mat is an extremely nice guy and a very talented magician!!!
  8. Pete Pridanonda

    Creating a 100% Card Magic Show For ALL Ages

    Hi everyone, I am creating a close up show that is filled with card magic that is appropriate and entertaining for all ages. I need your advice on anything that you think should be changed or improved (order of routines, presentation ideas etc..). I also try to avoid card effects with a lot of...
  9. Pete Pridanonda

    Magic for my mom's birthday LIVE

    Last week was my mom's 52nd birthday (very special to me because there are 52 cards in a deck!). The best present I can give her on her birthday is by showing her some magic. However, I always tell her that I can NEVER be as good of a magician as her because she created me! Anyways, I would like...
  10. Pete Pridanonda

    World's Fastest Magic Trick!

    This is really interesting opener that really catches people off guard. I love these kinds of effects where the audience is expecting one thing but you hit them hard with something else. The method here is really unique as well; those of you who love sleight of hand might find some idea that you...
  11. Pete Pridanonda

    Feeling Discouraged-Need Advice

    Hi Everyone, Before, I used to be very excited about sharing my magic videos with the magic community. However, I feel that lately I am losing the enthusiasm to share my videos. Mainly because I only receive a few to no comments at all whenever I shared my videos. Unlike other 'kids' on...
  12. Pete Pridanonda

    This is how the haunted deck should look!

    This is, in my opinion, the most magical haunted deck that I've ever seen. Read this: No threads, no magnets, no elastics, no sticky stuff, and can be done surrounded! Please enjoy this LIVE performance.
  13. Pete Pridanonda

    Concern about the Holiday Contest

    On the page where you spin the wheel, the small sentence in the top left corner said that "Of the prize is still on the wheel, it's still up for grabs!". However, I remember Lyle said in another thread that "We gave away one of our grand prize on the first day of our contest", but all the grand...
  14. Pete Pridanonda

    Reputation Maker Card Magic LIVE Show

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and got to perform a lot of magic! I got to perform a lot of magic during the holiday, and this effect was the highlight of the whole night. I performed this effect for people of ALL ages and in my opinion, it is the best card effect ever...
  15. Pete Pridanonda

    Will there be SNC this week or next week?

    Since the big contest is two weeks long, is there going to be SNC this week and next week?
  16. Pete Pridanonda

    Problem with Mcdonald Aces + Interesting Solution

    I've always felt that mcdonalds aces should not end with the aces together in one packet because the overall theme of the routine seems to be revolving on how to win in poker (getting a good hand). I've added an ending that brings this effect to a logical conclusion. Please provide me with some...
  17. Pete Pridanonda

    Card Magic Routine-Advice Needed

    Hi everyone, here is my take on the classic ace assembly routine. Would love to hear your opinion!
  18. Pete Pridanonda

    New Card Routine Feedback (Important!!)

    Hi Theory 11 friends, I came up with this routine after reading about an effect by Steve Beam in his book "Semi-Automatic Card Tricks". I've changed the presentation and the handling as well as adding a new ending to increase the level audience participation. I feel really uncomfortable...
  19. Pete Pridanonda

    Professional Close Up Magic Show LIVE

    This is a close up magic show that I recently did at 'Anna Charlie' restaurant last month. I've combined my top five favorite magic effects of all time into one show, and as you can see by the audience's reactions, these effects are something that the audience will talk about for a long time...
  20. Pete Pridanonda

    Fake Exposure Videos - BAD for Magic?

    In my opinion, fake exposure videos can sometimes cause a decrease in the sale of a magic product. Think about it, if a person saw the 'fake' exposure videos and truly believe that it is the actual method, they would not purchase the product. In addition, they would not purchase other magic...
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