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  1. Tempest

    Submission/Wire Query

    I did some extensive forum searching but couldn't find what I needed so maybe I missed something but is T11 currently reviewing trick submissions, or have they redirected the majority of stuff to The Wire? Lots of people have claimed that T11 never got back with them from a trick...
  2. Tempest

    Vertigo by Rick Lax

    Is it at all possible to adapt the gimmick to anything else, like cell phones with cases, pieces of fruit, slices of cheese, bread, photographs, etc?
  3. Tempest

    Surgical Card Thru Window

    Wow, I should totally change my name to Daniel Garcia. ;) Just saw this randomly and want to say a massive, massive thank you to you guys. I really sincerely appreciate the compliments and I had about a million reservations when I created this about releasing it, but random posts online like...
  4. Tempest

    smart ass asks for methods

    It depends on where your passion is. I'm passionate about art, and so for me, I don't have customers, I have an audience. If I earn respect with my audience, then I will have it. If someone decides to try and steal respect that I earned, I protect it. It was a gift from my audience to me...
  5. Tempest

    Kaos - Surgical Card Thru Window - Sean Beard

    Always great to see things like this. Really encouraging. :] Thanks guys. :] || sean ||
  6. Tempest

    One word that will allow you to charge more

    Very good point. I started doing this a long time ago when I realized I could attach an additional potential aspect of performance to my show. :]
  7. Tempest

    Pretty Girl doing Card Flourishes!!!

    I'll be a nerd and say that that is really attractive. Yep. That's awesome. :]
  8. Tempest

    REF4M - A review I feel strongly about

    My thoughts on giving out the card in fourths really didn't have much to do with whether or not a piece of a playing card was important or unimportant to the audience to keep as a souvenir. Ultimately, the PRIMARY reason for handing out a card or piece of a card is for the audience to inspect...
  9. Tempest

    REF4M - A review I feel strongly about

    THAT is exactly what I'm talking about. This is a genius idea. WOW. I love this. :D Thanks guys. It rocks knowing I've got brothers out there keeping it legit, haha. Also, I'm not familiar with Hollingworth's method entirely, but REF4M is definitely a unique concept with a lot of unique...
  10. Tempest

    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    In my opinion, this is an awesome release. I'm super impressed that T11 releases effects that actually make me think.
  11. Tempest

    REF4M - A review I feel strongly about

    I was definitely excited when I heard about this new release. I have studied a lot of Torn and Restored plots over the years and this one came in perfect timing for my current predicament. I needed a new method for my stage production that fit certain conditions. Now, first off, I don't...
  12. Tempest

    New Copperfield Team :: Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

    That is pretty mindblowing, not going to lie. Inspiring even. They must be on cloud 9 right now. :] || sean ||
  13. Tempest

    Artifact Coins?

    For a half dollar, you can get them even cheaper than that. Sometimes, banks will have some available to be changed out for the actual value of 50 cents each. But go to any flea market or coin shop and you can usually find some from anywhere between $1-$10. || sean ||
  14. Tempest

    Dear Stage Magicians...

    This is a parlor show and it's very street mag-icky. If this were a stage show you would pages upon pages, even notebooks full of notes on more details and technical stuff than you can imagine. Marketing yourself as a stage performer with this show will not yield consistent success. Now...
  15. Tempest

    Gospel Magic

    I can't stand Gospel Magic. Good intentions, but misrepresented. Check out anything by Brock Gill. I've done a lot of work with him and he is actually the most booked and popular Christian illusionist out there. Jared Hall is another one, but while his material is definitely great and...
  16. Tempest

    t11 bulletin : ALCHEMY by Ben Seidman

    From seeing the video, I have an immense respect for Ben Seidman now. I watched it 4 times, not to figure it out, but to just relive what I saw. That was beautiful and inspiring. Ben, if you read this, thank you for taking magic seriously. You have mad skills. I think I'm going to buy...
  17. Tempest


    So, it's been a while, a long while since I've had my hands on some designer cards. A lot of the mainstream designs are too much for me, too busy, or too magic-y. You know what I mean, right? I decided to give the Sentinels a shot. The Con, yes, just one, is that I wish these had the...
  18. Tempest

    DRESSCODE by Calen Morelli REVIEW

    I was just thinking about how immature this comment is, and then I realized that immature isn't the word I'm looking for. "Sad" is the word I'm looking for. Wow.
  19. Tempest

    Smoke by Alan Rorrison

    Pretty impressive, I have to say. Just got mine today and been experimenting all day long with it. Incredible idea, incredible product, and an incredible ethical standard has made this a VERY happy purchase. Smoke is a great example of a company focused on quality, not quantity. Really, very...
  20. Tempest

    Safe to say my package got lost?

    My package just arrived after 3 and half weeks, and I live in Kentucky. I think things are just slow right now for businesses due to the influx of orders during this season of the year, and the same for shipping companies. || sean ||
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