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    Voting open for 4 ace battle, opinions welcome!

    The four ace trick battle just opened, feel free to vote at the link below, and leave your opinions here! Thanks much.
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    I'm up for a challenge.

    Any form of trick involving the four aces, unedited and uncut. sound good?
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    Any 4 flourishes in an uncut unedited video

    yessir! exactly two weeks from now, next monday.
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    Looking for a Challenge

    Take a look at the flourishing battle thread i put up here. Or a trick dealing with four aces. whichever you prefer? or both? ;) haha looking forward to your response. the only rule i have is no editing of any kind be it visual or music for either of the two battles mentioned above.
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    Voting Open for Gambling Effect!

    Good job man you got my vote! The trick was allright but the fact that it had decent patter made up for any lack of trick value. Vitaly, fairly good job as well, the begining was good but i would work on the center deals and possibly talk, also the camera was shaky. anyhow good job both of you!
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    Been away

    if youre up for flourishing look at the thread i posted on the battles section and please respond :)
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    Any 4 flourishes in an uncut unedited video

    Anyone up for it?
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    check your messages when you get the chance, i posted some input on your story trick idea

    check your messages when you get the chance, i posted some input on your story trick idea
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    The fallacy of the bottom deal...

    hey man, i happen to have the mentioned book and there is no real info on how to do it. he just says that macdougall could peek at every card before he dealt it. not much more than that...think it was just to prove the point that peaking is possible.
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    i'm not very partial to ring battles sorry.

    i'm not very partial to ring battles sorry.
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    Reputation Makers: What's Yours?

    Best trick hands down - ANATE- if any of you haven't heard of this it's a brilliant psycholigical method from dee christophor, it works bout 4 times out of 5 with absolutely no work. it is BRILLIANT, get at devils advocate productions. ;)
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    Mentalism on a magic forum?

    the lower one.
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    To TA owners - LVL2 better than original?

    can anyone show me where i might find a video of this trick. -thanks -jake
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    First Timer

    hey, one more thing... does it have to be just that or can you add onto the effect. -jake
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    First Timer

    sure challenge me. -jake
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    J.F.T.C - Voting Open

    voted for the other guy. -jake
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    Queen Trick

    thanks a bunch you guys. it is in fact the visitor. -jake
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    Queen Trick

    hey, just trying to remember the name of a trick i saw when i started magic. it was where you had the 4 queens out. then you selected a card, which you tabled. you then take either tht red or the black queens on the deck and put the selection inbetween them. then you cut that packet off onto...
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    First Timer

    hey man, i'll do a battle. name a catagory. -jake
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    A Packet Trick Battle

    yup sounds great. -jake
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