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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Accidental Review Submission

    I think I might have accidentally submitted a review. How do I unsubmit it?
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    Psychological 'Magic'

    Does anyone know any routines that are based mostly on psychology? I'm not entirely sure of what you would call it, so I don't really know any search terms to use. I sometimes like the risk factor, and genuine thrill of getting a psychological trick right. By this, I mean things like that...
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    Changing E-Mail

    I've been locked out of my e-mail indefinitely. If I change my theory11 email to a new one, will it require me to login to the current email I can not access and confirm the change?
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    Impromptu Name Guess

    Are there any impromptu ways of guessing a name someone is thinking of? If so, what books might I find them in?
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    Friend Wants to Get Into Mentalism.

    I have a friend who wants to get into mentalism, can you recommend any books for him to read?
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    How can I improve hand eye coordination?

    By this, what I mean is catching cards, coins, and other objects mid air. I've got all the flicks and things for the cards getting into the air sorted, I just still can't do the whole 'catching' thing.
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    Magician Clichés

    Does anyone actually know which people popularised the different clichés of a magician? Things like the black wand with white tips, the rabbit in a hat, 'abrakadabra' and so on?
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    Chop Cups

    I was thinking of getting this Chop Cup here: Does anyone know if you could load something like an apple into it? If not, does anyone know of any leather chop cups that are good quality and can fit decent sized things into them...
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    Table Hopping Routine?

    I'm doing some magic at a charity dinner soon. Right now it's based around con artists, it starts with an explanation of Three Card Monte using a transposition effect, then moves on to how they can read people like a book, then there's a quick demonstration on card cheating. The problem is, I...
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    Are There Any Angle Proof False Transfers?

    I need a false transfer for a coin trick, but I'm surrounded by all sides. Any ideas?
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    How much are elite points worth?

    If I were to buy a video on the store, and use my elite points for a discount, how much would each individual point be worth?
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    Poker Chips?

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can get high quality casino style poker chips in the UK? I've looked around, but have only come across ones that look cheap.
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    Poker Chip Flourish

    Can anyone point me to a fancy flourish using two poker chips? Nothing big. Just something visual and impressive.
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    How Do You Practice a Pickpocket Act?

    Are there any people here who do pickpocket acts? If so, how do you, legally, practice it?
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    Your Thoughts on Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pick Pocketing?

    I was thinking of getting into pickpocketing for a magic act. (I am not looking for a new career. It's purely for the act.) Do you know if this book, Jim Ravel's Theatrical Pick Pocketing, is any good: If not, do you...
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    Chop Stick Switch

    Does anyone know how I can quickly switch out two chopsticks? Some info: The Chop Stick is cut in half. The spectator is naturally misdirected for 1-2 seconds. There are between 1-6 spectators. Thanks in advance.
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    Will Using a Porper Card Clip on Some Monarchs Ruin the Embossing?

    I was told that a Porper card clip was good and would keep cards safe and straight, but will they ruin the embossing on the Monarch Deck's box?
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    Vanishing and Producing Sunglasses.

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to vanish a normal pair of glasses, then produce a different pair in the same action?
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    Video's not showing on phone.

    When I click the Video and Order tabs on my phone, they are both blank. I recently ordered two videos from Theory11, which is why I'm asking. Is it because I'm checking on the phone and not on my PC? (I won't be able to check my PC until Thursday/Friday.) Thanks. ~DB
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    Does Theory11 ship to Britain?

    If they do, what is the cost of shipping like? Thanks ~DB
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