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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    New Trick - Titanis Finger Twist Anyone see this yet? Its 35 bucks and people on magic cafe are saying this trick gona be best thing since sliced bread. In my opinion it looks like another version of a thumb tip. Am i wrong>?
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    New site and trick review

    going to get Signed AND Sealed this upcoming week. Will post review once i get it.
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    New site and trick review

    Someone just posted a sweet review on Signed and Sealed
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    New site and trick review

    Sup guys New site has opened up and the gentleman named Cory who owns it is a stand up guy. He has been badmouthed and put to the test on magiccafe fourms and he has handled himself with 100% integrity . Now the reviews are rolling in and his magic is receiving a lot of praise...
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    The Advocate by Daniel Madison

    WHAT! how is that possible with this trick.. i have it but dont see that happening
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    Sudder by: Dee Christopher [review]

    I agree dee you always respond to all my emails.. Sorry if i sounded rude it was a little out of line.. Was having a bad day bro .
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    Sudder by: Dee Christopher [review]

    Thats not what i asked... I asked if the trailer he shows is the version with or without the gimmick.. There are 2 clips where the can moves and i want to know if you can do those both without a gimmick.. I have sent him a email and message here with same question but still no answer
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    Mind Power deck review

    I bought this 5 years ago was one of my first purchases. All in all it is a bit overpriced but awsome effect.. So how is smoke ? Pretty much the same or different enough to warrant a purchase?
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    Sudder by: Dee Christopher [review]

    Anyone have this?? Is the demo video the version you can do without a gimmick?? There is 2 scenes where the can moves just curious if i can do those both with no gimmick
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    SLR - Paul Harris

    My bad. I fixed it
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    SLR - Paul Harris

    there kinda exposing the trick if im not wrong are they not??
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    SLR - Paul Harris

    what do you mean by prelinked
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    SLR - Paul Harris

    Anyone have a clue how many Gimmicks this comes with
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    SLR - Paul Harris Anyone have any clue about this trick
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    Mirror By Matthew Mello

    Just purchased this Matt.. Read the PDF and i cant wait to fry minds with this. Very nice indeed. Excellent patter to go along with the trick as well! Only think i know is that im gona be blowing a lot of minds and bubbles hehe Could you please PM me the bottle cap method as well
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    Iknow Jason Palter

    OK 1 question. Can you repeat the effect and is it always the same song??
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    Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

    If You were granted one wish that lets you make a trick that wouldnt be possible without the wish what would the trick or illussion be? Mine would be telling some to close there eyes while stannding outside and when they open them night has turned to day vise versa
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    23:23 by Dee Christopher

    Thanks for the link and the Helpful advice..
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    23:23 by Dee Christopher

    I was disapointed in this purchase somewhat... The only trick i will use is Altered which is pretty good... 8 out of 10 nice routine... I was looking foward to the coin bend but i dont have the certain gimmick you need to do it... Really wish i was informed that a certain gimmick is...
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    Great Video

    theory11 is cool about that kinda stuff because they know they have the best site out.
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