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    Impromptu floating table

    hey this is a pretty cool floating table.....i just bought it and it's awesome
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    Tannen's Magic Camp

    So is anyone going to Tannen's Magic Camp? This summer will be my first time going but I hear it's AWESOME!!! I'm really excited, so is there anyone here that's also going? I also know its not too late to sign up if you want to go, which is pretty cool. So who's going?
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    My Cousin Vinny magic trick

    I just saw the scene in My Cousin Vinny in which Joe Pesci performs the card trick to describe the "illusion" of stories the prosecuting attorney is trying to create. I've seen the movie before, but not for a while, so I kinda forgot about that scene until I just saw it on TBS (it's still on as...
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    How's Smoke going?

    So Smoke has been around for a few months now. For all of you who have had it for a while, what reactions have you received with it? Also, is your gimmick/cartridges holding out okay? For me, I've gotten great reactions and have performed it for so many people thanks to its practicality. As...
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    Blaine Chronicles on Travel Channel

    So I just saw a commercial for the Blaine Chronicles that will air on December 12th at 4:00 p.m. EST on Travel Channel and am excited! I believe it is a marathon of all his specials. Although I've seen many of those specials thousands of times, it's always fun watching them live on TV. Who else...
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    People are Watching

    What is/are your flourish routine(s)? I see a lot of videos of flourishers combining different flourishers into solid routines.
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    When are you done with a deck of cards?

    How long do you keep a deck of cards until you open up a new one? Also, what is your reasoning for doing so? For example, I REALLY hate clumping because I do lots of sleights and flourishes, plus I'm always holding a deck of cards (not always, but you get the picture). I did though, meet someone...
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    Jay Sankey's "Create Your Own Magic" DVD

    I am really really really interested in creating my own magic and have a few rough ideas, but am nowhere near creating my first, fully solid effect. Would any of you recommend this DVD? I read some other reviews saying the DVD was helpful, but any details would be great! Also, what other sources...
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    Making a stripper deck...

    Would you say it would be possible to make a stripper deck by lining up a "stripper" card with each card of a regular deck and using an exacto knife to shape each card? It's just that I have a lot of custom decks that have seen better days, but they would be perfectly fine if they were turned...
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    Invisible Deck longevity

    I bought my first Invisible Deck one year ago and it was poorly made. Without exposing too much, the deck really wasn't r***h at all. So, I just ordered T11's Invisible Deck and DVD and wanted to know what you guys thought about the deck itself, and if it seems long lasting and of good quality...
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    Smoke availability...

    So many people have been wondering when Smoke will be back in stock, but it hasn't sold out on numerous other websites like Tannen's, MJM, and I assume others. Just thought I would let those who don't know that Smoke is only sold out here on this specific site, but others still have it in stock...
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    I've noticed many questions and answers regarding Smoke, some of which I thought were borderline revealing....well, maybe. I don't know if it's just that I own it, but some people were discussing charging and tightening the gimmick, and I don't know if someone who doesn't own the trick would get...
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    Layperson guesses

    So as I've been reading the comments on the Dan Sperry "AGT" performance on youtube, I am finding it interesting to see the comments laypeople are leaving about the performance and trick. Many people are guessing the method for the guess that I found funny was that Dan, while...
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    Clip Shift battle

    Anyone up for a clip shift battle? All you have to do is perform the clip shift however you like, as many times as you like (so you can do it on its own and/or within trick). The video has to be a new one made specifically for this battle.
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    Styles of Flourishing

    I'm not sure whether or not this has been discussed as its own topic in the past, but I couldn't find anything on it when searching other threads. I've noticed that there seem to be two main, distinct styles of flourishing. One style is heavy on card/hand/arm flairs along with complex displays...
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    Speed in Flourishing

    When it comes to speed in flourishing, I've noticed that you don't have to force yourself to flourish quickly in order to make it look faster than what you are actually doing. If you can go from one cut into the next smoothly and without any hesitation, pause, or choppiness, the illusion of...
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    Where'd you learn that?

    What is your answer to a spectator when he/she asks you where you learned your trick? I don't have one set answer to the question, but if the person seriously wants to know out of real interest, I might just say "There are tons of resources out there if you are interested, but there are too many...
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    Card trick using the box

    Perform any card trick that uses the card box in some way...
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    A Story I Thought I'd Share...

    Hey guys, just a quick and fun story I wanted to share... Yesterday I was at a new magic shop in Long Island. There were two other guys shopping there. Through discussion, I brought up that I was going to attend an upcoming Luke Dancy lecture. One of the guys said he knew Luke and just finished...
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    Technique vs. Universal Impression

    So what are some of the differences in terms of what each effect can accomplish? Thanks!
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