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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Voting open for 4 ace battle, opinions welcome!

    The four ace trick battle just opened, feel free to vote at the link below, and leave your opinions here! Thanks much.
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    Any 4 flourishes in an uncut unedited video

    Anyone up for it?
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    Queen Trick

    hey, just trying to remember the name of a trick i saw when i started magic. it was where you had the 4 queens out. then you selected a card, which you tabled. you then take either tht red or the black queens on the deck and put the selection inbetween them. then you cut that packet off onto...
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    can someone please tell me how to upload music to my videos. i can't upload any songs from i-tunes. do you know if theory 11 would let me use a soundtrack or something.......maybee one of you could. thanks a bunch. -jake
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    Ideas for Advocate Anyone

    i just got dm's advocate...............and it is the best purchase i've ever made. the possibilties actually are limitless. get it now if you don't own it. it's also ridiculously cheap. 15 pounds or 22 dollars. if anyone has any good original ideas not included with it, please feel free to...
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    YouTube - jennings100?

    hey, just wondering if anyone knew what happened to andy who's youtube acount was jennings100. really enjoyed his stuff. hopeing for some answers. thanks- jake
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    3 part routine live performance

    any three tricks that go well together in a routine done live. hope for some responses. -jake
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    Favourite Cards

    hey, i was wondering if any of you have favorite cards, for real life use and practicing that don't cost much and are easy to find, not online. thanks a bunch- jake
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    Dan and Dave Flip Thingy

    hey, i was wondering if anyone has any tips on dan and dave's molecule 2 one card revelation......i'm having a lot of trouble doing this. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks a bunch, -jake
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    About to Enter a Battle!

    hey i'm about to enter a buck twins trick variation battle, not sure exactly what to do yet but i've got do have it up in 4 days. any suggestions of tricks i could do a variation on. -thanks, jake
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    Time Machine

    i just had this idea on how to start the time machine plot. -so you'd start by showing the top card and saying how thats not the time machine but you had it on top of the deck earlier that day. -you then spin the card and say your spinning it back in time and it changes to the time machine...
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    Hope this helps someone...

    hey, i was just going to share an idea with anyone who's reading this, hope you'll use this. the effect: you pull out a standard deck of cards and let the spectators shuffle it to their hearts content. -you then have any card selected and signed -you have them shuffle the deck again and...
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    New Ideas?

    hey, i was wondering if anyone has any really good nongimmicked effects they were willing to share with me. pm me if you have any ideas. -cheers jake
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    Good Impromptu Tricks

    hey, i was just looking for really amazing 100% impromptu card tricks. thanks a bunch. -cheers jake
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    Good Tricks

    I've been noticing lately that i've been doing to many tricks that are flashy and flourishy that just make your spectators think that you are incredibly good with your hands.... not that you can do magic. then i go and do a simple trick where they don't see anything that happens and they think...
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    hey, i was just wondering if anyone else had noticed the enormous amount of people named daniel that are into magic or flourishing. daniel madison, dan buck, danny garcia, dan white, and dana hocking....if that one counts. feel free to list up more dan' we need...
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    Magicians / Flourishers - Wisconsin, US

    hey, I'm looking for other magicians/flourishers in wisconsin,U.S. maybee we could get together and jam sometime. thanks:) -jake
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    Alternative Method to Smoke

    Hey, I recently got the dvd The Devils Picturebook by Derren Brown and was realizing that it involved smoking....... thus the name smoke:( I'm a 14 year old magician and can't smoke, nore would i ever want to. so if anyone has any idea on other objects or something equally powerfull as the...
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