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  1. DannyT

    Manipulation Gloves?

    Does anyone know of a place I can buy manipulation gloves. I've searched, but they've seem to have gone out of style. Any information would be grateful.
  2. DannyT

    Recent Strolling Gig

    I was requested to perform some strolling magic at the Brookhaven Amphitheater on Long Island, NY. There were hundreds of people that attended for a festival/firework show that TFCU do every year. They hired me, my balloon artist, and my face painter for two hours each. It was great and...
  3. DannyT

    What can an Entertainment Company auction off?

    Hey, I was asked to take part in a charity event and I'm not exactly sure what I can do for them. This person has a rare form of cancer and bills are stacking high for him. So I was approached by a friend and was asked if I could raffle something off. The thing is, I don't know what I can...
  4. DannyT

    Cups and Balls (Big set)

    Does anyone know of a decent set of cups and balls that are bigger than mainstream sets? I'm trying to get some prices and have been looking over the internet for about a month now. I'd like to begin doing this for shows at private parties as well as busking. I came across this set, but I...
  5. DannyT

    My Promo Video

    Hey guys, I'd just like to get a little feedback from my promo video I've been working on. I shot most of it one my Canon T3 Rebel and some on my HD flip camera. All editing was done in iMovie. Thanks.
  6. DannyT

    Loops DVD Daniel Garcia

    Hey for those of you who have this DVD and has performed the trick entitled Hair that deals with pk touches, I have a question for you. When you perform it on stage, is it a wise idea to add a third spectator on stage with you to be a witness that you haven't touched the spectator with their...
  7. DannyT

    Magic Gig In Queens

    This past Sunday I had a gig to perform walk around magic in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, NY. It was for lighting the Unisphere in pink and blue for Autism Awareness Month. I just want to talk about some of the problems that happened when I attended. I was told that it was...
  8. DannyT

    School Fair

    Hey guys. I've been keeping myself busy these days and haven't had much time to post on the forums. I figured I'd keep you guys up to date on my current endeavors. Last night I took part in having a small showcase at a school's fair to hopefully build up my clientele. I had my own table and...
  9. DannyT

    Steampunk Deck

    When I first looked at the sealed box, I was really impressed. It looks like a real copper box. It even shines like it. The indents of the lettering is awesome and it gives the box a cool feel to it. When I opened the box, I was expecting the cards to have that same metallic copper looking...
  10. DannyT

    My attempt of Deck in Bottle

    It's really time consuming, but for awhile I've been wanting to try to make one of these eye catchers. I didn't have any set of instructions to follow, so this was just me winging it with a Bob Marley's Mellow mood bottle(similar to a Snapple bottle). I included all 54 cards (jokers included) to...
  11. DannyT

    And all will be consumed

    Hello fellow magicians! Just thought I'd give a shout out to my friend Chris Wiehl, a productive member on these forums, who recently shot on location with Papercranemagic with a new trick he invented. Today was the first day that some footage leaked out into the magic community with a teaser on...
  12. DannyT

    How far would you go for exposure?

    Dear community, I'm creeping my way back on these forums from time to time to see what everyone's up to these days. Today I saw something that caught my attention right before heading to work. But first, here's a little background info you'll need... Way back on America's got talent, some...
  13. DannyT

    Christmas party?

    I've been really busy with college/work these days and had very little room to improve on magic. I've been flourishing in my free time, but not really learning new effects and such like I used to. I thought I was slowly growing out of magic, like it was a phase or something. A month ago I had...
  14. DannyT


    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here ever had gotten disrespect from being a magician. I'm not just talking about hecklers while your performing magic or magician vs magician. Just someone acting rude/belittling you for being a magician. Let me explain: I remember 3 years ago when my...
  15. DannyT

    Jumbo Barber half?

    Hey guys, I usually perform coin magic with Barber half dollars(I like how they're thinner). I've been trying to find a jumbo coin Barber half for quite sometime. I've seen jumbo quarters, nickels, dimes, pennys, Kennedy halves, even Morgans, but no one seems to produce jumbo Barber half...
  16. DannyT


    KOZAK! I know this isn't a product, but I wanted to write a review for his show anyway, and I thought this was a good place to put it. Where? Atlantic City: Tropicana Hotel & Casino Before Kozak took the stage, a video played of other magicians(one was Mac King) and comedians talking about him...
  17. DannyT

    Atlantic City

    What's up guys- I'm going to go to Atlantic City in a few weeks for a small vacation. I was wondering if there are any magic shows/shops there to check out that would be worth while. If anyone from that area, or has visited that area, could give me some info it would be appreciated. I...
  18. DannyT

    What card are these?

    What cards are these? Hey guys, I just have a quick question and wasn't exactly sure where to post it. I tried searching through google, but arrived at nothing. Has anyone ever seen these cards before? The box says "54 Initial" as you can see in the pics. They look pretty cool, and the...
  19. DannyT

    Close-up on Letterman

    Late show with David Letterman is airing close-up magic all week this week. Last night had Jason Randal, a magician I've seen perform before on many day/night shows. He performed two card effects. One of them was Wow by Katsuya Masuda. I thought he performed this fine. After, Letterman...
  20. DannyT

    Filler Tricks

    If this has been posted before, I'm sorry but I've searched and couldn't find any results. After performing big effects such as the invisible deck, why is it important to perform filler tricks after? What is the importance of performing small tricks in between powerful effects? I've heard...
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