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  1. tsarothpaco

    Playing Cards!

    That's... nice?
  2. tsarothpaco

    Palming from the middle of the deck

    The only source I used for the Side Steal was Expert Card Technique, and I feel it does a great job. Definitely takes good, honest practice to have it slide out without the slightest notion that something is up; but the handling within enabled me to do it well enough off the bat. Wait until you...
  3. tsarothpaco

    Kelly psych control - Daniel Madison

    Not bad, but it could be done a bit more smoothly. I've never performed this but have always been interested by it, and I like the way it comes off from the spectator's point of view.
  4. tsarothpaco

    Why are magicians reluctant to use two decks?

    I think magicians are generally reluctant to blatantly use a different deck than they already used in front of a spectator since it seems to arouse suspicsion, but I don't know what's wrong with using two decks for an effect. One of my favorite plots is 'Do As I Do', and I carry two decks...
  5. tsarothpaco

    Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

    42 cards in the box
  6. tsarothpaco

    Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

    Andrei with 51 push ups // Patrick Kun with 50 push ups
  7. tsarothpaco

    Kick effect - amazing cardtrick

    Well there's the issue of whether or not he discovered it. Hell, I've created some cardistry moves before I had any idea what cardistry/XCM/flourishing was without having seen it done before; and I've certainly thought of some cool magic stuff that I've noticed later were published or probably...
  8. tsarothpaco

    Practice music/ backround tv

    As of late, I put on my Gorillaz or Steve Vai radio on Pandora.
  9. tsarothpaco

    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    Joker (word count).
  10. tsarothpaco

    Saturday Night Contest: Le Sequence

    First: Six of Clubs. Second: Queen of Diamonds.
  11. tsarothpaco

    Card Culling

    I always find myself wishing I could string together effects that require some sort of stack preparation, and I've yet to learn and practice the cull. I'd like to ask what you think the best source of information is. I've, of course, read about it in some books; but I seem to be missing a piece...
  12. tsarothpaco

    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    Aj: 88 aj: 100 aj: 117
  13. tsarothpaco

    The world's hardest and longest card cut

    Many people have done much more difficult things for a much longer period of time and are still very inadequate at it. I wouldn't say 'experience' that is measured in time gives you any real grounds, and it usually just breeds arrogance. Additionally, I don't see how formula is disrespecting...
  14. tsarothpaco

    The world's hardest and longest card cut

    Umm, any performance videos of it?
  15. tsarothpaco

    Creating flourishes

    I created my first flourish somewhere in 2005-2006 (I think) when I had no idea what flourishing/XCM/cardistry was and was just a kid who enjoyed magic. For me it's just been something that happens, but I've never made the effort to stare at a deck of cards and figure out how to do something new...
  16. tsarothpaco

    cardistry what it means to you?

    I'd have to say cardistry is a hobby for me; although; I do use some moves in my performances (mostly classical ones but still). Having a deck of cards in my hand is simply fun at any given time, and cardistry allows me to have that fun even while some people may enjoy it. I wouldn't exactly...
  17. tsarothpaco

    Ace Assembly (dedicated to Dominique)

    Very well done: this is one of my favorite ace assemblies as well. I also have to say I love the music as well as the movie it came from.
  18. tsarothpaco

    One More Idea

    I don't personally believe this is Wire worthy, but at least you have something. I only think this due to the method not having too much depth to it when it comes to having knowledge of basic sleights, but I do have to say the idea behind the trick is a nice one. Performance-wise I'll just...
  19. tsarothpaco

    I'd appreciate any feedback, thanks.

    I may only be able to view two of the videos since I live in the US, but I'd have to agree with formula. It doesn't seem you have a character, and you lack good presentation. I can be entirely wrong on this next statement, but it seems like the audiences are either reacting like such out of...
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