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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    card 1: jack of spades card 2: 9 of clubs Card 1: 6 of diamonds card2: 2 of clubs
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    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    128 possible combinations, 2^7!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    right right left right left right right
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    The Wheel: Week 2!

    200 elite points so far!
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    The Wheel: Day #5

    50 points in all nothing today! I agree keep these up.
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    The Wheel: Day #3

    25 points yesterday. spin in 4 hours!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    card 1: 9 of hearts card 2: queen of clubs card 1: 4 of diamonds card 2:6 of spades
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    Best Lectures or other downloads for under $20.

    This is cards but is a really impressive trick for 12 dollars. It is double exposure.
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    What do you think about it???

    I agree with Reality one. In the video you were just doing the move. I would think in a trick you would add misdirection while you did that or make an excuse to make that action look normal. From a slight stand point I think it is great.
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    What's a magic effect that does not exist yet?

    I like effect 2. Probably possible too. My effect: The magician has a 2000 piece lego broken apart on the ground. His friend asks him to put it back together. He uses the force and puts it together in fast motion taking under a minute.
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    Catch me up!

    I think you mean my heart
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    A Well Deserved Win

    This was awesome. Did not think he would win. Thought a singer would. After each reveal of the vote I was saying ok this time Shin will be called. But he didn't!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards

    7 of spades ace of clubs jack of diamonds 4 of hearts
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    Worst Time for magic?

    For the worse or better... lol
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    Worst Time for magic?

    who: David Blaine Where: While he is in ice
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    Saturday Night Contest - Eleven Years

    No instagram account at the moment so I hope posting here is ok.
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    Theory 11 sticker idea

    Mine is on my computer.
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    Need recommendations for tricks under $20

    Dani DaOrtiz has a couple tricks on penguin magic for under 20. He also has a semi automatic card booklet on there.
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    Learning specific tricks

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