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  1. David.Blanch

    Favorite Cardistry Videos Here!

    UnknownMagician93, thank you for linking to that video from Aviv. Saw it a while ago but had forgotten all about how awesome it is!
  2. David.Blanch

    Genesis - Which Move Are Y'all Pumped For?

    Bullet!! My number 1 favorite move from Andrei.
  3. David.Blanch

    ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

    "What Creeper said" Besides the bad teaching I think the most laughable thing is all the mails we got from Huron. He keeps mentioning how this sacred new technique will almost make the anaconda too easy. If I was him I wouldn't be afraid of anything. Based on how the anaconda was taught on...
  4. David.Blanch

    Anaconda Dribble is Impossible

    Yeah a video tutorial would be very awesome :D
  5. David.Blanch

    Anaconda Dribble is Impossible

    Well that guy would be me, or maybe the tripod and timer... And yes its mainly having a good camera and playing around with shutter speed, flash and exposure settings.
  6. David.Blanch

    Anaconda Dribble is Impossible

    I wouldn't say its impossible :)
  7. David.Blanch

    Tutorial #1 Official Release: C_M_C Cut

    The youtube annotations, as they are called, can also be turned off... In case you didn't know. Anyways I think these two moves are crazy awesome, and I will surely learn them! The revolution cut is just so pretty :D
  8. David.Blanch

    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

    I made one
  9. David.Blanch

    Flourishing with a full deck?

    I wanna be able to do flourishes with any deck, anytime, anywhere... So I never take cards out. I like to handle cards just as they are. I also don't use fanning powder, same reason. I wanna use the cards as they come from the factory. I do take the add cards and the jokers out though...
  10. David.Blanch

    Favorite Floushing Style

    Flourishes gotta be sexy, thats all there is too it.
  11. David.Blanch

    When is the S&M trailer going to come out?

    Indeed we were I can't wait either.
  12. David.Blanch

    Haha! Wow I would not have expected you to remember me. Thanks alot for that! And yes I have...

    Haha! Wow I would not have expected you to remember me. Thanks alot for that! And yes I have been practicing, quite alot actually. If you care enough to know how much then you can find my work here:
  13. David.Blanch

    You should check the battle section... Hint: I challenged you!

    You should check the battle section... Hint: I challenged you!
  14. David.Blanch
  15. David.Blanch

    theory11 MEGA UPDATE : Battle System

    I am so gonna challenge Chris Kenner at "Five faces of sybil". To bad I can't make videos right now... Watch out Kenner!!
  16. David.Blanch

    Any Norwegians out there?

    We're like one big freezing family up here :D
  17. David.Blanch


    Here are a few of my tips. - Remember as jaydinho is saying, only flick with your index finger. The middle and ring finger does not move! - I find that you get a better shot if you mainly contract the card with the nails of your index and ring finger. - The middle, ring and index...
  18. David.Blanch

    Static - Joel Paschall

    My name is David "Blanch" Pedersen.
  19. David.Blanch

    Static - Joel Paschall

    I see your point in your "don't like it, don't buy it" argument. But still this single 1on1 gives theory11 the image as a company that would hype stuff up, then over price it, and then not allow people to tell them that they're nuts... The reason I'm as upset as I am with this is that...
  20. David.Blanch

    Static - Joel Paschall

    @bicyclemagik Thank you sooo much for posting that!! It feels good to know that I'm not the only who started asking questions about how awesome t11 really is when I saw this *signature cut*. Oh and Joel, that PM you send to bicyclemagik, could I get that aswell. I would like to see what you...
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