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    First Street Performance

    It can be addicting. I remember after my first "street" performance. I had this high feeling from fooling someone I had never met before. If that feeling makes you want to do it again then that is the only thing that matters. But be sure it is not just fooling them that makes you feel good but...
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    I am leaving in 19 days.

    I am leaving in 19 days.
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    If the ultimate goal of the magician is to enjoy creating an experience and change peoples lives for the better, then there can be nothing else. I believe that the only way to become better is to dedicate your entire life to your passion. At the end of the month I am going to leave my home and...
  4. J

    When do you know you are a professional?

    when you can f someone up with a double lift. thats when.
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    Sleight or simple?

    Obviously learning new moves and new methods increase the possibilities in your magic, but do they limit you psychologically? When I first started in magic I learned several controls. I also got a marked deck. The deck obviously allowed me to acheive what several moves did. But i started...
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    Calling on Team Awesome

    thank you all. even non team awesome people. you have been very helpful.
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    Calling on Team Awesome

    I need some help with an effect. Here is my basic idea. The contents of two sealed soda cans switch. Dr.pepper is in a seven up and seven up in a dr.pepper. Ideas?
  8. J

    Brown Wynns

    I think they're good cards, better than bikes at least. They are a good hard deck. Very stiff. Good for fans and cuts in my opinion.
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    I have a question for ya'll.

    People don't have egos, just because they want cooler looking cards. They use the cards they like. You don't choose to wear clothes you hate. You wear the clothes you like, that doesn't mean you have an ego. It means you have personality. The cards are a way for the magcian express himself.
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    Moving 1000 miles away, any advice?

    Find the most popular and friendly person and punch him in the face and or groin. No one will mess with you. Or you could just show him a trick. Either way people will like you and or be afraid.
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    Help I'm going through decks like crazy!

    try washing your hands.
  12. J

    good luck.

    good luck.
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    Any Card at Any Number

    lets do it to it.
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    Friends and Family - Magic Around The Table

    When ever I'm not eating or sleeping(unless I sleep flourish), i always have a deck of cards out and practicing. The flourishing usually encourages one of my friends to ask to see a trick. Better than just waiting for a request. I also get strangers asking me to do something that way. Something...
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    Any Card at Any Number

    i'm assuming a live audience and any method?
  16. J

    i live in front of a tv.

    i live in front of a tv.
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    Jessb1 is out of sight, and JayJay is dynomight!

    Jessb1 is out of sight, and JayJay is dynomight!
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    El Cambio Nada - Eric Jones

    nice review.
  19. J

    I'm not thrilled about "The Trilogy".

    prepare to get textually melested. Even if you don't like the tricks taught on the dvd's there is still a lot of info there. Lots of controls, double lifts, and other sleights.
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    i'm TEAM AWESOME TOO. Has the whole world gone crazy.

    i'm TEAM AWESOME TOO. Has the whole world gone crazy.
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