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    Fast Forward: CoinOne with Cards

    Here is a new and updated version of FastForward....
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    If you're looking for a good cardwarp...

    I shot this video awhile back after learning Michael Close's cardwarp effect called Dr. Strangetrick on his Workers series of DVDs and I just got around to posting it up but if any of you are looking for an easy and visual cardwarp then I urge you to watch the video and order the DVD cuz it is...
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    RESTLESS by Dan Hauss

    My review of Vol. 1 can be found here:
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    Fast Forward: CoinOne with Cards

    Hey guys just want to put this video up to show this idea that ive been working on that allows you to perform Homer Liwag's CoinOne with cards. Just shows that with a little thinking all magic can be intertwined and certain effects can be done in various different ways. Check it out here...
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    Reality Check by Michael Paul

    I received this package of effects a few weeks ago and wanted to take my time and perform these effects for people rather than just my opinion of them without working them and on doing them for people other than parents or friends. So these are my thoughts on this set, after performing each...
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    Tricks for Hecklers There watch that bro. Its pretty easy to figure out if your a magician, but this is my go to effects for hecklers and "know it alls". This guy had been heckling and calling me out so this is a fun one to do because they think you screwed up then BAM...
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    Best Pen Through...

    I have a pen thru effect called Wolverine Formula. As far as being "highest quality" and "most realistic" the pen really goes through and the pen is not gimmicked and everything is examinable. Here is a thread at the cafe...
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    New Biz Card Design

    Hey guys check this out and let me know what you is just the front but the back will have my info and im wanting to include a magic related quote so if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them...
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    My last four Effects

    No Diego neither version is completely impromptu...but very close
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    My last four Effects

    Thanks for the comments Im glad you guys like these effects. The vanish of the card is Daniel Madison's half-vanish, it is not taught in the DVD, you just vanish the card any way you want to. I liked the half-vanish so I used it in the video. Also Praetoritevong, She had seen...
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    My last four Effects

    Here is a preview of Wolverine Formula: This was her first time to see this effect and real reactions...also the cropping in the 2nd video was due to my brother walking into frame with his shirt off and Im sure no one wants to see that site LOL
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    My last four Effects

    Hey guys just an update here is a performance video of Migration...Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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    My last four Effects

    It really is fun to do. Ever since coming up with The Wolverine Formula I've left my stealth pen and uninspectible flap cards at home. No duplicates, no switches, the pen really penetrates the card or dollar bill and you can see thru the other side. It is their signed card and you can even...
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    My last four Effects

    You can visit this thread to see descriptions of my last four effects that will be released by me through BlacksMagic. I will also post links to the videos I shoot of the effects here under this thread when...
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    Arthritis Onlsaught 2

    Sorry I forgot about the link here is it...
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    Arthritis Onlsaught 2

    Hey guys Jordan Johnson here and I just thought some of you would enjoy Chris Brown's new video Arthritis Onslaught 2 featuring some of Chris' own moves and featuring my Snapshot Change....enjoy!!!
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    Inked: Jordan Johnson

    Just saw I think the first review of Inked and Im glad you liked it Quickhandz. Also Pavan R. you can get it at most local dealers (MJM, Penguin, MagicProShop, etc.) It is also available at Thanks guys!
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    Anyone bought it?

    Hey Ryan, Just thought I would let you and all the others know that the demo for Inked is now up and running. It is demo number 04 on the video viewer located at the top right of the home page. ENJOY! Postremo, Jordan Johnson
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    Hey guys and gals, Here is information on Inked that I posted on the cafe: Any other questions feel free to ask. Postremo JJ
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    I live in Oklahoma...Y you ask?
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