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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Photography

    My Coca Cola trick photography~ Here's my submission!
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    Gravity change

    Hmmm isn't it the Superflip by Ben Harris...? :confused:
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    Did Shiro Ishida get the permission to teach those?

    Jones Change is at 1:20. Althought he performed the Paul David Change, He didn't specify if the change was taught or not in his description; so, I didn't mention that one.
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    Did Shiro Ishida get the permission to teach those?

    Shiro Ishida is a magician from Taiwan (now, I'm not sure why he has a Japanese name though). Lately, Shiro Ishida has released his new DVD at Taiwan. However, I was very surprised to see the materials that were being taught in this dvd after I watched its trailer...
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    Centurions Video

    that's Richard
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    A new card control

    Well, even though there are two 2 jokers in the deck, the bottom card was shown to be 7 of hearts before the shift.
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    My new control

    Check your pm
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    My new control

    Yeah, that looks very much like the WOW Control of Oliver Marcia
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    Messing around with a new flourish

    I prefer the Quad Helix...whichever name it was :p jk
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    1-on-1 :: Bluff Pass by Wayne Houchin

    If you like the bluff pass, I suggest you check out the Paper Engine (if you haven't) of Aaron Fisher in which he taught a subtlety of the sleight.
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    Dan and Dave - Regular Bikes?

    I guess people had enough discussions on regular bikes/custom decks in "March 08 :: Custom Playing Cards"... The question was
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    Dan and Dave - Regular Bikes?

    Also, you can see them with regular bikes in the trailer of "Sleightly Magical" as well
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    Jackie Chan Astonished

    I'm a fan of Jay's music...but his magic, not so much. Believe it or not, Stephen Fung (the guy who performed to Jacky Chan) is one of the best magicians for laymen in Hong Kong... (ah well, judge it yourself after you watched his performance...) Anyway, personally, it's not easy to...
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    Dan and Dave Forum Help

    You'll realize that you are not the only one if you read through the thread
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    Which Effects Do You Perform Most?

    No offense, but there are many threads (with the title formulated in different ways) asking people the same question; you might want to take a look at those threads. :) Anyway, I usually do Hofzzy Osbourne (from Dan&Dave's Trilogy) followed by Bodyguard (Jay Sankey)
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    Black Ghost First Edition

    Good for you if it's true. However, after the fake Jerry's Nuggets, I hope this is not some fake Black Ghosts.
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    Aaron Fisher's Gravity Half Pass Take Two

    Very nice performance of the sleight :)
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    Dan and Dave's New Deck - Smoke and Mirrors

    The reason why you couldn't find any further info is because not much people know what to expect. (at least, we know that it's not a black deck.)
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    well, didn't I already suggest Dylan P. to ask his local magic store...? At least I was trying to help.
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    O....kay....? So how does this help Dylan P. to buy Tally-ho....? :confused: But well, you have to admit that computers (as well as internet) allow people of the world to unify into a single society and function together, which isn't entirely a bad thing.
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