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  1. magicdavid

    SNC Roundtable Discussion : Jason England - The Center

    1. Is the movement of the deck hand important in a second deal or do you think it should or shouldn't be moved? 2. What's your opinion on the origin of the center deal? 3. Does Steve plan on creating the gambling website that he mentioned at If so, when? "I have...
  2. magicdavid

    Thanks! I actually have one of his DVD's but would like to get more. Do you do much gambling...

    Thanks! I actually have one of his DVD's but would like to get more. Do you do much gambling sleights?
  3. magicdavid

    Second deal battle

    Anyone? Do at least 5 second deals, real second dealing please, any technique of second dealing.
  4. magicdavid

    Vote: Gambling Moves

    asu2909 and myself are in a battle for gambling moves.....please let us know who you voted for and why.
  5. magicdavid

    A plea to the multitudes...

    How does my post convey how I feel about the current state of the hobby? Besides, I don't do any flourishing and I do hardly any magic. Watch my media around here for an example. And yes, this thread is meaningless and all it is is a poor attempt at making an argument rather than "spark...
  6. magicdavid

    A plea to the multitudes...

    I have another thing to say: Can people stop posting meaningless threads that are so obviously here to start an argument like the one above?
  7. magicdavid

    Famous Quotes

    The simplest magic is the purest magic. -Dai Vernon
  8. magicdavid

    Gambling Moves Battle

    ^title^ You will have to Friday to enter a video if you choose to enter... editing allowed, at least 5 gambling moves Thanks in advance!
  9. magicdavid


    I can listen to two sides, Chris Kenner says this guy is great in front of an audience and does great magic and saw him in person or somebody named RDchopper who has been stalking this kid's few internet videos on a magic website for 8 months.....hmmmmmm
  10. magicdavid

    // Official 1-on-1 Discussion Thread \\

    Center deal by jason england :)
  11. magicdavid

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with JB

    In starting theory11, how did you get this team of great magicians on board with the project? Did you know them beforehand? Do you think theory11 is based around too much flourishing/cardistry?
  12. magicdavid

    School Project

    Search BBC history of magic on youtube and watch them all......that gives a good, comprehensive history.
  13. magicdavid

    Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

    Who is your idol in magic/card handling? Where do you live? What brought you to T11?
  14. magicdavid

    Magic Castle Junior Society

    Yes, everything he said and repeated what I already said. No, you only need to be one year.....
  15. magicdavid

    Magic Castle Junior Society

    It doesn't matter. As long as you have been into magic for at least a year and correctly do a trick that requires SOME skill and present it well you're in.
  16. magicdavid

    Teens on Masters of Illusions

    If this forum was a forum used by laymen, then your opinions would matter in this subject. However, none of the people who have posted here (I assume) are laymen. Like Zach said, this is meant to impress lay audiences, not some kids on a magic forum. So shut yer trap and let everyone enjoy the...
  17. magicdavid

    Dr. Presto's Magic Mansion

    Hi Erik.................
  18. magicdavid

    False Deal DVD's or Books

    Steve Forte GPS series.....amazing stuff.
  19. magicdavid


    To say that the first black president is a big deal is racist. Skin color should not make any difference no matter what. There is only one race: the human race.
  20. magicdavid

    Totally Out of Control - Better left unreplicated?

    Well, praetoritevong, your wish might come true. These things are never going to be out......
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