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  1. Vzayy

    What is the thinnest deck of playing cards on the planet?

    With the last drop of FW17 in December I think it might not be that hard to get your hands on some cheap virts even though the previous virts editions can get quite expensive but compared to fontaine's it's nothing.
  2. Vzayy

    Youtube/Instagram and Marketplace ?

    Thank you for your precise answer ! I think this thread can already be closed aha.
  3. Vzayy

    Youtube/Instagram and Marketplace ?

    Hello everybody, I know this question has probably already been asked quite a few times. I was wondering if it was possible to submit an effect on the marketplace and to also have it on my youtube channel or instagram account ? Cheers.
  4. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    You said that not a lot of people are cardist, but there is actually a huge cardistry community. The thing is because T11 is known for magic, not many cardists come on this forum.
  5. Vzayy

    What is the thinnest deck of playing cards on the planet?

    I have never handled a Cohort deck but the Virtuoso FW17 is really thin compared to all my other decks. Don't you guys think that Cartamundi True Linen B9 finish decks are really thick ?
  6. Vzayy

    How do I make a Cardistry video?

    I also record on my phone but you can then get the clips on your computer and edit them with a free software like Kdenlive (I am using this one, it is not the best but it works and it's free). Really man don't worry a lot about all the scenery and stuff, just give it a go and see what people...
  7. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest - Fool the Cent-ses!

    Sorry, I'm not a great coin magician and I'm more into cardistry. So good luck to all involved !! I hope to see some nice coin tricks ;)
  8. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest - World Water Day

    Good luck to all involved !! I'll try to make a video if I have time.
  9. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest - St. Patrick's Day Lotto!

    Card 1 : Four of diamonds Card 2 : Queen of clubs Card 1 : Four of diamonds Card 2 : Three of spades
  10. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I haven't been there for a lot of time, but it could be nice to have a bit more cardistry SNC ^^
  11. Vzayy

    No Virtuoso 2018 Deck

    Thoughts about that ? Are you as disappointed as me ? I hope they make us an amaizing deck for 2019 (or maybe even 2).
  12. Vzayy

    Designing cards software

    Hello, I began designing decks on drawing software but one which is probably not really suited for designing cards. So I wanted to know if you have any recommandations of which software to use ? If possible, one which is available for free. Thanks !!
  13. Vzayy

    New video. Go check it out!!!

    Wow !!! Nice vid man !! These move look really cool and the editing of the vid is nice as well ;)
  14. Vzayy

    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Right Left Left Right Left Right Right
  15. Vzayy

    The Complete Artifice Collection “Ellusionist”

    I have : Gold “Black Club” Blue (first edition) ? Blue (v2) ? (I don't know which one I have between the Blue v1 and blue v2 how can I know ?) Tundra (white) Green Purple
  16. Vzayy

    Blackpool Convention

    I'm from France but can't come sorry.
  17. Vzayy

    The Wheel: Week #4!

    Last day = no reward In total I got 435 elite points in 3 weeks ^^'
  18. Vzayy

    How can i know if my new move is original?

    I don't really know, but if it's a cut that is really known like the Sybil Cut, they will probably reject it. We can ask @Lyle Borders
  19. Vzayy

    The Wheel: Week #4!

    No reward for me as well ^^'
  20. Vzayy

    How can i know if my new move is original?

    Thanks !! Ok, yes it looks quite old and a lot of new moves appeared these past 2 years.
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